IT Management & Career meetup videos- A recap of 2021

2021 has brought us countless brilliant meetup videos regarding IT management and IT career. We’ve gathered the ones our community truly adored and watched many times. Let us bring you up to speed with what was in the mainstream last year, and choose your favorite! Whether you’re looking for some advice on how to be a better leader, or currently searching for the right path career wise, these meetups have everything you need.

There’s no stopping here right now! This year is going to be more epic and full of celebrated meetup videos than 2021, so stay tuned folks for what we have in store for you. But that’s enough talking, let’s see the top 10 IT management and IT career videos of 2021.

How to avoid failure in your agile retrospective | Aino Vonge Corry & John Le Drew

Running retrospectives can be intimidating, especially if you’re just getting started. However, their importance in shaping teams cannot be contested. To ensure that you run successful retrospectives it is essential to understand what common pitfalls or anti-patterns appear while running them. Moreover, in the second episode, based on the book “Retrospectives’ Anti-patterns,” Aino Vonge Corry and John Le Drew highlight the role of the facilitator as a team psychologist and what future retrospectives can do for you.

In search of the missing boredom | Matt Wolmuth

Matt Wohlmuth’s presentation summary from Coding Sans internal conference 2021 February.

Key takeaways:
-The role of technology in our life
-Take control of your information diet
-How to handle interruptions and context switching
-How to invite boredom back in your life

Starting a thread: Pin the right questions | Dora Makszy

Let me prepare senior developers for the questions of the juniors, that I’ve asked through my personal development journey. How to encourage them to ask, or even realise that there might be a question. See, how to notice if they’re stuck, and make their learning path easier.

Help remove roadblocks for your dev team | Jeremy Morgan

Join us as Pluralsight author, Jeremy Morgan chats with Director of engineering at Fernish, Kim Burgaard; VP of engineering at Via, Rodney Cox; and Engineering Manager of business solution and implementations at T-Mobile, Axel Robinson. Together, they’ll dive in to help you better understand developer productivity in order to ace team management.

The persuasion equation | Brooke Jamieson

This session will present a winning workflow for Analysts, Developers and Engineers to harness the power of persuasion with data. Attendees will hear how to present the results of their data science, projects or analysis. They will also learn how to drive their audience to act on those results. My experience with presenting my work in data science to people who then became inspired to act on that work, when they initially didn’t want to listen. I call this “The Persuasion Equation”. It’s how I found a way to make my voice heard within an organisation, and it’s the difference between insights and action.

Writing Code is Easy, Being a Great Developer is Hard | Helen Scott

Dive into matters with Helen, who tells you all the things you need to know besides how to write a code well. Explore a whole bunch of other skills you might not have even realised you needed – until now. Find out how you can be an extraordinary developer wanted by many headhunters.

Five Programming Interview Red Flags In Your Career | Ryan McBeth

Be prepared for any interview in your career and spare your own time by looking at instant red flags. You will thank Ryan McBeth in the long run, although it might be hard turning down an offer based on these things. But having a job at a company where you can truly fit in is invaluable. This is how you can easily filter your offers.

Emotional Intelligence in Tech | Rosemarie Wilson

Some might think that being a developer is all about the technical skills, but let’s not forget about emotional intelligence, which is just as important for success. Get an overview of how you can communicate your solutions better by improving your emotional intelligence. Let’s not forget that you still have to work with other people even as a developer.

Software engineers: Levelling up | Richard Owen

“This talk is an opinion piece based on what I have observed over my 25 year career, in particular, what I learnt as I helped engineers grow and improve at some of the world’s largest tech companies. It is a reflection of my time at Amazon, with a sprinkling of Facebook, and is about what I believe good looks like for each level of software engineer as they move from Junior to Principal and beyond. Hint: It’s more than your technical ability to write code.”

Richard Owen has been both a software engineer (12 yrs) and an Engineering Leader (13 yrs) at companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Nine Australia and the BBC. He has accidentally specialised in Video on Demand applications (across Web, Mobile and Connected Devices) with a focus on user experience and team management.

Leadership in hypergrowth: A case study from Shapr3D | Akos Kapui

Interview with Ákos Kapui, VP of Engineering at Shapr3D. He talks about running an engineering organization in hypergrowth, doubling its employee count every year. Pick up his tips, tricks, and learn from his experience as he goes into detail on recruitment, decision making at scale, and planning while in hypergrowth.

In this interview we’re covering:

-Challenges in hypergrowth
-Finding the right employees
-Key moments for a startup in hypergrowth
-Scaling management as the organization grows
-Planning hypergrowth
-Preparations for projected growth

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