7 JavaScript must-know best practices

Are you a JavaScript developer looking for ways to improve from day to day? You’ve come to the right place! Check these tutorials and stand out from the crowd. Bury yourself in encryption, testing, closures and many more talks from JS experts all over the world. Don’t fail to take this advantage y’all.

The Art of Writing Secrets – Encryption for JS Developers | Jen Schreiber

Jen Schreiber is a Senior Software Engineer at Workday in Boulder on the Distributed Trust team, building a blockchain-backed network for verifiable digital credentials. In this talk, she introduces you to encryption in JS- all you need to know.

JS Tests in Node, the Browser, and CI | Rob Richardson

This no-slides talk demos creating tests in JS. Watch as Rob live-codes sync tests, async with callbacks, promise-based tests, and async/await tests. He crafts tests in Node, tests in the Browser, and unit tests that run from CI. This can be a great tool in your tool chest of unit testing, integration testing, end-to-end testing, component testing, and many more, so don’t miss out.

Third Age of Javascript | Shawn Wang

Every 10 years there is a changing of the guard in JavaScript. The First Age started with Brendan Eich and ended with ActionScript. The Second Age started in 2009 when npm, Node, and ES5 all gave new life to JS. In the Third Age we will see the confluence of a few megatrends – ES Modules, polyglot tooling, collapsing layers, and the slow death of IE. Let us guide you through the exploration of the implications.

JavaScript / Web Tooling Now and Tomorrow | Chris Heilmann

We live in amazing times when it comes to browser tooling and open web tooling. Browsers aren’t only a thing for end users, but also power our editors and can be automated to do a lot of work for us. In this session we’ll take a look at how the developer tools in browsers work, how to contribute and what’s cooking to make developers more effective and prevent us from making mistakes before we make them.

Why I Disagree On The State Of JavaScript Survey | Erik Hanchett

The state of JavaScript survey is out for 2021, and Erik definitely has some thoughts on it! In this video he talks about Vue.js, React, Angular and Ember and which one is on top!

JavaScript: The Grumpy Parts | Rob Richardson

No matter how much you love JavaScript, you’ve got to admit: it’s weird. Why does ‘this’ behave as it does? How does variable scope work? Why do we have such comical behavior when comparing mixed types? In this talk, Rob Richardson pulls back the covers to explore how JS truly works.

Closures in Javascript: Inside the Execution Context & Scope | Sara Powers

Let’s go under the hood of JavaScript, so you can confidently tackle new problems and work through blocks. Understand how closure works under the hood (one of the most misunderstood but most powerful features of JS). Understand core JS runtime features – execution context, JSexecution model, and the variable environment. Be able to wield, optimize and debug popular pro utility functions like once and memorize. Also, learn how to implement the module pattern – one of the cleanest and most resilient design patterns in JavaScript.

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