7 React Must-know Best Practices

Would you like to take a deep dive into React materials and uncover all the know-how of standing out of the crowd with your expertise? Say no more! We’ve hand-selected the best 7 meetups for you to learn from. Enjoy!

How to Debug React and Node like a Developer

As developers we have to communicate and ask for help in a different way than others. Here we talk about how to debug your react and Node application and what to communicate when talking at others

Handling Data at Scale | Tejas Kumar

Handling Data at Scale for React Developers. It is very difficult to scale modern web applications to millions of concurrent users. Oftentimes, we’ve got to provision and consider in-memory Key/Value stores, search engines, analytics engines, and databases, all while preserving traceability through the layers. This talk expands on the technical details of web apps at this scale, and offers a simpler way to achieve the same effect without the technical hassle.

Routing in React 18 and Beyond | Delba De Oliveira

In this talk, we’ll explore the past, present and future of routing in front-end applications and discuss how new features in React and Next.js can help us architect more performant and feature-rich applications.

TDD in React | Nik Krimm

Test-Driven Development (TDD) involves writing a failing test before writing the code to make it pass. TDD encourages simple designs and inspires confidence, as well as guiding you to more modular, flexible code. How does this technique apply to React, and what tooling is available? We’ll write a simple feature, test-first to demonstrate.

Browser Tools to Aid Development and Debugging | Nik Krimm

React provides rich browser plugins that aid in the inspection, debugging and development of React components. This talk will provide an overview of the tools, and how to use them to improve your daily workflow.

Improving Performance using UseMemo and UseCallback | Bruce Smith

One often missed area in React is performance. Sometimes we have to massage data, process inputs or make calculations on the fly; these are all normal things to do in a React application, but if done carelessly they can cause a performance nightmare. We’ll go through a scenario where we look into the UseMemo hook to help us avoid expensive operations from running unnecessarily, and then we’ll implement UseCallback to avoid re-rendering child components.

Reducing Bugs in Your Codebase | Darshita Chaturvedi

This is a novel and original look into some of the unexpected behaviors in a React codebase and the anti-patterns that cause them. They discovered them while building a new full-stack web development framework on top of React. They published some of our learnings and received overwhelmingly positive reactions from developers worldwide such as: 1. Selected as the top article of the week by various newsletters 2. Developers voluntarily translated the article into many languages such as South Korean and Russian 3. Reached 100K+ developers with comments such as “Changed my day!”

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