Agile: the Star of October

You hear about Agile all the time but did you already dive deep into the subject of how to truly utilize it? If not, here’s your chance. We’ve hand selected the top six meetup videos that are revolving around this topic. Enjoy!

40 Agile Methods in 40 Minutes | Craig Smith

With 66% of the world using Scrum as their predominant Agile method, this session will open up your eyes to the many other Agile methods and frameworks in the world today. For many, Agile is a toolbox of potential methods, practices and techniques, and like any good toolbox it is often more about using the right tool for the problem that will result in meaningful results. So join Craig on this rapid journey to look at the universe of Agile approaches and add some extra tools into your toolkit.

Improving Performance of Teams Using Statistical Analysis | Naresh Jain & Sriram Narayan

Large-scale software development generates a lot of data when teams use tools like Jira or Azure Devops. We could analyze the data with statistical tools and techniques in order to understand how to improve delivery performance. Naresh and Sriram have been attempting this at one of their clients. In this talk, they’ll share the techniques they used and the lessons they have learnt so far.

Agile Recruitment: The Missing Step In Your Transformation | Jakub Jurkiewicz

If we want to build agile organizations we need to recruit with agility in mind! If we care about people and interactions, we should create space for people to shine and where people can collaborate. What if the candidate does not fit any of our boxes? How could we respond to that and embrace this opportunity? What about hiring for culture-fit? Or is culture-add even more important? What could happen if we redesign our recruitment processes looking through the lenses of agile values and principles? In this talk we will explore how agility could help us shift the conversations in the recruitment processes, and how we could start recruiting for culture-add and hire people that will accelerate our agile transformations.

Spurring Growth with an Agile Culture | Ramkumar Venkatesa

Startups have been and will be a big factor in powering India to be a $5 trillion economy. Startups have a need to grow the customer base, product offerings, scale their technology and grow the teams. Succeeding in all of these parameters in a rapidly evolving environment is what makes startups successful. Agility enables startups to conquer these challenges. An agile culture is very important for successful Agility. The 3 pillars of building such a culture are alignment of goals, decentralized decisioning to attain those goals and a continuous feedback loop on decisions’ outcomes.

Don’t Bulldoze the Swamp for Agile | Steve Adolph

Large-scale agile transformations do not have a good track record with reportedly up to 70% falling far short of their goals. From a biological perspective, many agile transformations are like taking a bulldozer to a wild, diverse ecosystem. While we may create a consistent Way of Working, the transformation bulldozer often results in a monoculture, a weakened ecosystem that cannot adapt and innovate. Of course, to work together, especially at scale, we cannot just let our enterprise ecosystem grow wild because we need consistency to collaborate and coordinate. We can resolve this dilemma by taking a page from Socio-Technical systems for a more sustainable transformation. We introduce five principles for the “Greening” of the Agile Transformation that sustains and grows our capability to innovate while creating needed alignment and consistency.

Agile Transformation or Just Another Restructure | Terry Haayema

Is your Agile transformation just another restructure? Is everyone being shuffled around into Tribes? Villages? Crews? Are people reporting horizontally into Chapters? Is there talk of how we need to go faster? Were decisions made behind closed doors? Was the focus on structure as if that will change everything?

Consultants engaged who created lots of PowerPoint presentations with lovely motherhood statements about how our people are our greatest asset and the new structure will break down silos and allow us to go faster? Then it’s announced, teams are shuffled around into squads, tribes, chapters, etc.. As the transformation builds up speed, everyone gets some training and there is a massive amount of change management comms, presentations, and events. Big up front plans,… Big bang change,… Heavy Change Management,… Does that sound like a waterfall? In this talk we’ll discuss a better way by actually being agile about the way we approach agile!

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