Angular meetup videos from August, 2020

Luckily, August was indeed overloaded with top quality Angular meetup videos. To make things easier for you folks, we’ve once again decided to share our favorites.

Application challenges with millions of users

At Delta, Vishal Kumar’s team’s Angular code is put to the test at unprecedented scale. This talk will cover the types of challenges they face generally and how they address them to successfully support their e-commerce app with millions of daily users. See how code that would work in smaller scale ends up with server crashes due to load failures and application issues due to JavaScript errors that happen only in edge case scenarios.

DSpace 7: A major leap forward for the leading repository platform

The DSpace community is anticipating the largest release ever in 2020 with DSpace 7. Not to mention that the platform is used in thousands of research institutions around the globe and powers systems including, and If you download an academic paper through Google Scholar today, the chance is large that it is served to you thanks to a DSpace institutional repository. The talk aims to briefly introduce the scope and usage of the DSpace software. Basically, attendees will learn how the governance of the DSpace community is structured, and what lead to the decision to drop the two legacy UIs, JSPUI and XMLUI, in favour of an endeavour to introduce Angular as the new UI layer.

Angular CLI v10 and Angular Schematics

Here are two meetups in a single video!

First up:


Doug joined the Angular team last November as a software engineer on the tooling team. He is excited about anything related to TypeScript or Progressive Web Apps and moreover, is obsessed with making developer’s lives easier and simpler in any way he can. The Angular team just realized version 10 which includes some cool new changes to the CLI and tooling infrastructure. In this talk, Doug covers the new changes, how they affect developers, the motivations behind them, and how to best take advantage of them.


INTRO TO SCHEMATICS by Natalia Venditto

Natalia is an Angular GDE and Principal Frontend Software Engineer. In this talk, Natalia teaches us what schematics are, how they can help you solve problems, standardize patterns, and enforce best practices in your Angular projects.

Angular Ivy Typer-Checking

Angular Ivy features strictTemplates, a compiler flag that turns on much stronger validation and type-checking of component templates. Learn how the new type-checking works and how to migrate a large project onto stricter type-checking with Alex Rickabaugh from ng-conf: Hardwired.

Domain-Driven Design

With the help of Manfred Steyer, we explore a case study on how to use proven domain-driven design principles to make the architecture of your project maintainable in the long term. You also learn how to combine these ideas with best practices from the community.

First, we define a strategic and tactical design for our case study. Then, we implement with a monorepo that reflects our sub-domains. After that, you learn in individual demonstrations the use of libraries, APIs, facades, domain events. You can access rules between libraries can ensure loose coupling and thus better maintainability.

Above all, you’ll have a case study that you can use as a template for your projects.

Angular Ivy: How we handle entry components?

With Angular Ivy, entry components are no more. Join Yvonne Allen to reminisce about our time with entry components, In addition, learn how you can handle these types of components today.

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