Best Angular meetup videos from July 2020

Thanks to AngularNYC and ng-conf Hardwired, July was an extremely busy month for Angular-related meetup videos. Check out our selection below!

Konstantin Malikov & Ilya Ryabchinski & Aliaksei Kuncevic: Pre-rendering, Scully, NGSX

Hear what Konstantin Malikov, Ilya Ryabchinski and Aliaksei Kuncevič from AngularNYC & Angular Minsk had to say about Prerendering, Scully and Progressive State Management with NGXS respectively. 

Deborah Kurata: Why Should You Care About RxJS Higher-order Mapping Operators?

Thanks to Deborah Kurata from NG-Conf: Hardwired 2020, you can learn about higher-order mapping operators, when to use one, and everything you might want to know about “inner Observables”. 

Wagner Maciel: Angular Universal & Our New Prerenderer

Wagner Maciel discussed and demonstrated the basics of Angular Universal, as well as the new features like prerendering and hot code reload, which were released in version 9.

Brian Love: The Phantom of the Template Error

Lurking below the surface of the templates in your application are half-masked type errors that are closer to surfacing as grotesquely disfigured bugs than you realize. As the director of your application, what are you to do? Manually checking each template would result in an angry mob of engineers. Thankfully you can capture these phantom template errors using Ivy’s new rich template type checking. Pulling away the mask through configuration flags we can reign in the terror once and for all.

Ward Bell: Http Interceptors – The Room Where It Happens

Between an HTTP request and response lies a realm of decision and transformation under your command with HttpInterceptors. Add authentication headers, filter content, retry failed requests, react to errors, log traffic, control busy indicators, and just make stuff up. Interceptors are easy to write and test. They’re a good reason to polish your RxJS skills. After 20 minutes with me you’ll be in the room where it happens, just like Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.

Manfred Steyer: How Ivy Will Improve Your Application Architecture

Find out how Ivy’s potential can impact your future architecture. We use a case study to explore a possible future without NgModules, the use of dynamic components or higher-order components, zone-less change detection, and new possibilities for lazy loading and plug-in systems. In the end, you understand Ivy’s potential and how to start preparing for it today.

Mike Hartington: Deep Dive Into CLI Builders

One of Angular’s best features, is also one of its most secretive. How does your project go from a bunch of files, to an amazing app that you can deploy? The secrete? Builders. We’ll not only look at how this happens, but take a look at the API involved so you write your own builder and integrate other tools that fit your needs.

Stephen Fluin: Common Challenges Facing Angular Enterprises

According to Stephen Fluin, there are common challenges facing Angular teams who are buliding applicaitons at scale. In this talk he demystified them, while also talking about micro frontends, server side rendering (SSR), monorepos & code sharing, varied environments and business justifications as well.

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