Angular: Top meetups in July 2022

Angular meetups were in the spotlight last month. Let’s find out what the 6 most popular tech talks were in July. Dive right into components, accessibility, Kendo UI, JSON, typed forms, performance and concurrent mode.

Make Your Angular Material Components Prettier and Accessible | Emma Twersky

Did you know that in the most recent release, Angular Material has undergone a sweeping review of accessibility and more intuitive theming, and the tagline is more accurate than ever!? In this talk, you’ll learn: What exactly has changed in the newest release of Angular Material. Also, how to take advantage of the latest updates. Deep dive into the latest “best practices” when designing custom themes. Upon completion of this session, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to take advantage of the latest advancements for better theme development.

Using Kendo UI to Make Your App Shine| Alyssa Nicoll

Kendo UI is a component library that will give you the ability to implement styling throughout your application, while easily maintaining consistency. Once you become familiar with implementing Kendo UI Components into your application, the front of the front-end will become a whole lot easier, and a lot more fun too! In this talk, you’ll learn how to maintain consistent styles across components and elements, how to produce coherent and consistent user experience throughout your Angular application and how to achieve styles without having to use CSS.

Angular Json File – My Top 8 Settings | Dmytro Mezhenskyi

The angular.json file is where we usually configure the angular workspace and every particular project or library. In this video, Dmytro will share his top 8 most used settings in his angular.json files, and some advanced configurations that might also be useful in your projects.

Typed Forms| Dylan Hunn

Join Dylan Hunn as he shares all the details about typed forms in Angular. Are you already using Typed Forms in your applications? If not, here’s the time!

Angular Performance Patterns | Minko Gechev

Angular DevTools is a Google Chrome extension that provides debugging and profiling capabilities for applications. In this session, Minko shows you how you can leverage this tool to determine what is slowing down your applications and how to quickly resolve the bug and deploy a faster app.

Concurrent Mode – Non-blocking UIs at scale | Michael Hladky

In application development, there is nothing more important than performance. Bad performance scores, blocked UI, and slow applications are annoying and can be time-consuming to solve. In this session, Michael will teach you the theory behind Concurrent Mode in Angular, how it works, how to enable it in your builds, and how you can use it to speed up the performance of your application.

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