June 2020’s Angular meetup selection

June was a busy month for Angular wizards. To save you folks some time, we’ve decided to publish our own selection of meetups you wouldn’t want to skip. Have a go with these three videos first, and if it’s not enough, you can always check out our site for more.

David East: The best 20-minute Angular & Firebase video you’ll ever see

As the title suggests, David East’s presentation about combining Angular and Firebase is a must-watch! Coming from Google’s Firebase team, David shows his magic in exactly 20 minutes. 

Yeah, but what is Firebase? – you may ask. It’s a platform to build powerful apps in no time! By being connected to a hosted backend, you save precious time by not having to host or build the backend yourself. 

Jeff Cross & Victor Savkin: Never build the same code twice

Jeff Cross and Victor Savkin showed a bunch of must-have methods in order to maximize the capacity of codes. Titled “Never Build the Same Code Twice”, the guys will guide you through some useful best practices to save time and improve effectiveness.

To put it in a nutshell, no matter how much you’re into Angular, these tricks will be useful for sure!

Shai Reznik: Isolated vs. integrated testing & Manfred Steyer: The Microfrontend Revolution: Using Webpack 5 Module Federation with Angular

During NG-Poland’s Online Event, the Angular enthusiasts of the world had a chance to listen to Shai Reznik from TestAngular.com and Manfred Steyer from SoftwareArchitekt.at. During the insightful one hour-long session, Shai talked about the difference between isolated and integrated testing, discussing all the important key points of the two methods.

After him, Manfred came by to talk about The Microfrontend Revolution, while presenting the usage of Webpack 5 Module Federation with Angular. Manfred talks about using Microfrontends, the advantages they provide, and how to implement them.

Hungry for more? How about July’s selection of the best Angular meetup videos hand-picked by us? You’ll love it!

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