Top 3 Angular meetup videos in May, 2021

Another month’s gone, another roundup post is here! This time we’ve selected a top 3 video list from some of the most important figures from the community. John Papa, Minko Gechev and Mark Thompson are all featured, covering great topics like the latest changes to the framework, libraries in Angular 12 and using Angular CLI to build new applications.

What’s new| John Papa

The web moves fast, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the changes. Are you up to speed on what’s new in Angular?

Join Pluralsight author and JS expert John Papa to explore the latest changes to the framework, tooling and developer experience.

State of the Angular | Libraries

A joint meetup where the Angular Team provided us with the latest updates.

Minko Gechev talked about the latest State of the Angular for 30 minutes, and then Joost Koehoorn held a presentation about the libraries in Angular 12, followed by a Q/A session.

Angular CLI | Mark Thompson

In this video Mark Thompson will be taking you on a journey with the Angular CLI to build a new application. 

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