Angular meetup videos from September, 2020

And we’re back with September’s selection of Angular, Angular Fire, Angular Ivy and NgRx meetup videos! Have a look at what the community said last month below.

From Google Analytics to Universal Deploy Schematics

Learn about some of the new features in Angular Fire and how the Firebase team leveraged dynamic imports, ES Proxies, and new features in Angular 9 to build a more streamlined SDK.

Revisiting a Reactive Router with Ivy

The release of Ivy opens up new possibilities of routing in Angular. Optional NgModules, lazy loading components, and dynamically creating components on the fly. The Angular Router is very powerful already, but what if we took a fresh look at a reactive router in this new world. This talk talks about the history of the router, and the process of building a new reactive router.

Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js

This talk is the flagship machine learning with TensorFlow.js that delivers unique learning with immersive projects that stretches your mind. We’ll start by learning the basics and perfect your knowledge of Machine Learning and TensorFlow.js by building a digit classifier. Then, we’ll develop our expertise in core TensorFlow.js concepts and Reinforcement Learning(RL) and develop a self-driving car that learns how to drive itself. We’ll finish off by adding a touch of the magic of neural networks to our application by building an image classifier (all demos made using Angular 9+).

Model-View-Presenter with Angular & Angular Performance Best Practices

Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen presents a Model-View-Presenter with Angular. Then, Stephen Fluin talks about Angular Performance Best Practices. To build the best user experiences we need to build fast applications. At this point, he’s analyzed over 5,000 applications. Come and learn about the best and the worst standards and practices across the industry, and what you can learn from what everyone else is doing.

The Role of Effects in NgRx Authentication

Building token authentication into an NgRx application can be overwhelming and confusing. Authentication is already a big, scary subject and so is NgRx. When you put them together, things get confusing fast. In this talk, we’ll do a comparison of how authentication in a vanilla Angular app differs from auth in an NgRx app. We’ll then see how the central nervous system of authentication shifts from a service in regular Angular to Effects in NgRx.

This talk will be practical and code-driven, leaving you equipped to tackle adding this feature to your NgRx application at work on Monday. You’ll learn how Effects can handle loading authentication state, navigate users to protected routes, and process tokens received from an identity provider. By the end, you’ll feel way better about tackling auth in NgRx!

Observable Services to Observable Store

Observable Services provide a great way for components to subscribe to changes that occur in a service. But how do you step your app up to the next level and create a state store that also supports notifications? In this talk Dan Wahlin will show a simple yet powerful option. Observable Store works across all front-end applications (Angular, React, Vue.js, and more). Learn how to store your state, access it, work with immutable store state. Also, provide state change notifications, the role of RxJS and Subjects, debugging options, and more.

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