Angular meetup videos from April, 2021

MeetupFeed is back with a summary of all the exciting Angular meetup videos from April, 2021. Below you’ll find great meetup videos about different aspects of Angular, useful tips and some great tricks as well.

Systemizing Router Animations | Zack DeRose

Zack DeRose will be building an ‘animation system’ for an Angular application, where our top-level routes will slide to the right or the left, based on an order configuration property.

NgRx Data and Websockets | Jay Bell

We will be using NgRx data and websockets to build a real-time app to communicates with a Nestjs backend. By leveraging the NgRx library alongside an NgRx websocket library built by me we will reduce the client side boilerplate to near zero for hooking up and configuring an entity to use websockets as a transport mechanism instead of HTTP.

Debugging an Angular app | David Müllerchen

At ngLeipzig, David Müllerchen talked about debugging an app – learn the most important aspects and tricks from him here.

Token security and ESLint in Angular | Philippe De Ryck & James Henry

First, Philippe De Ryck talked about Token security . Here are some of the questions you’re probably asking yourself now, with the answers included. 

Can an Angular application store tokens in localStorage?

– Yes, of course! LocalStorage is persistent storage, so the token is available to all tabs and windows. It even survives a browser restart.

– No, absolutely not! LocalStorage is insecure, and an attacker will be able to steal the token.

Believe it or not, but both answers are correct. As simple as this question is, the answer is far from straightforward.

In this session, Philippe dives into the security properties of Angular applications. He uncovers why localStorage is insecure and discuss potential alternatives.

By the end of this session, you will be able to decide where to store tokens in your applications.

Even better, you’ll be able to argue why your decision is the right one.

Then, James Henry followed with a presentation, titled Angular and ESLint, together at last

James Henry is a Microsoft MVP for TypeScript, Consultant Architect for Nrwl, and the creator of typescript-eslint and angular-eslint.

In this session, James teaches us about the evolution of linting in Angular projects and how we can use Angular and ESLint together today.

James covers starting a brand new project from scratch, as well as migrating existing projects from TSLint to ESLint and what the future of the Angular CLI’s linting support looks like.

Sustainable Angular Architectures | Manfred Steyer

Monorepos allow huge enterprise applications to be subdivided into small and maintainable libraries. This is, however, only one side of the coin: We need to first define criteria for slicing our application into individual parts and we must establish rules for communication between them.

This webinar looks at a solution provided by Strategic Domain-Driven Design. Using a case study, we investigate the idea of the ubiquitous language and the bounded context, sub-domains, and context mapping. Building on this, you will learn how to implement these ideas for Angular using Nx monorepos. We also discuss approaches for reducing coupling between the specific parts of our monorepo and for enforcing your architecture.

By the end, you will have a technical solution and appropriate methodology to build sustainable Angular solutions.

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