Angular meetup videos from December, 2020

Luckily for us, Angular lovers, December was extremely busy, as the community kept on releasing interesting and useful Angular meetup videos. To make it easier for you all, we’ve created a selection of the finest Angular videos from last month.

Profiling Angular Applications | Minko Gechev

In this video, we’re going to focus on the runtime performance of Angular applications. First, we’ll learn how to profile an app using Chrome DevTools. After that, we’ll identify different patterns looking into the profiler’s output. For each one of them, we’ll discuss strategies for improving the runtime performance and their consequences.

Angular and module federation in-depth | Manfred Steyer

The implementation of micro frontends has not been easy so far.

Module Federation, offered by Webpack 5, changes all this. It allows you to load separately compiled applications at runtime and share libraries between them.

In the first half of this session, Manfred teaches us how to use this module federation to create micro frontends with Angular. You will learn about the default scenarios, dynamic Module Federation, sharing libraries, and dealing with version mismatches.

In the second half, Manfred teaches us about Plugin-based architectures. By developing a workflow designer, individual workflow tasks can be exposed via separate applications hosted on different origins and loaded into the workflow designer. This allows one to easily extend the designer without the need to recompile it.

By the end of this episode, you will know what module federation is and how to use it in your projects .

Host your Angular App on Firebase | Erik Slack

What is Firebase and how can it help you and your team? Let Erik Slack explain it to you in less than 10 minutes in this Lightning Talk. Believe us, it’ll be worth your time!

Angular Prettier | Michi DeWitt

So, let’s talk. Why should you use a style guide for your team? And, why should you use an auto formatter? After getting answers for these questions, you’ll also learn how you can use Prettier for both from Michi in less than 10 minutes!

Scalable Enterprise Angular Applications | Konstantin Dinev & Damyan Petev

This workshop will offer developers a hands-on exercise on how to approach an Enterprise application in terms of: – Structure of the application – Creating an application that consumes the data and scalable UI that displays the data to the end-user.

Angular SSR and Jamstack | Tara Manicsic

In this workshop Tara Z. Manicsic will walk you through multiple ways of rendering content, focusing on two approaches: Server Side Rendering (SSR) and the Jamstack architecture approach. You’ll look into the Angular approach to SSR using Angular Universal. Then you’ll compare that process to the Jamstack approach of utilizing serverless functions.

We’ll also be shining light on the other surrounding concerns like set up, costs, developer experience, and more. The point of this workshop is not to tell you which approach is the best, but to give you the information to make that decision on your own.

Getting started with Angular Deno | Preston Lamb

Preston is going to try to show you in five minutes a couple of good things about Deno and how you can run your first script with Angular Deno. So for those of you who don’t know, Deno is a modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.

Testing Angular Applications with Cypress | Cecilia Martinez

In this workshop, learn how to add Cypress to your Angular application and get up to speed with end-to-end testing fast. You will cover installation, writing and debugging failed tests, best practices for test writing, and more intermediate features of Cypress like data management, network stubbing, and leveraging the Cypress Dashboard.

JamstackNG: Angular + Scully Webinar | Aaron Frost

Aaron Frost will teach you what Jamstack is and how it has been so incredibly effective at improving website performance. You will also learn about and use Scully to begin adopting Jamstack principles in your Angular projects. You will learn the basics around creating plugins, caching data during pre-rendering, supporting markdown, and many other pieces.

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