Best Angular meetup videos from February, 2021

February was actually so full of quality Angular meetup videos, that we had a really hard time choosing our favorites. After spending a few hours collecting and picking, we’re here to proudly present the results. So, bring a coffee and enjoy!

Automate Your Angular Workflow | Matt Vaughn

Follow Matt as he shows you how to automate your Angular workflow. Whether you’re an individual developer or a leader of a team, you probably want to be as effective as possible. This talk will surely help you improve.

Optimizing Angular apps with resource inlining | Mark Thompson

In this video Mark Thompson will be taking a look at ways to optimize your applications with resource inlining. Enjoy!

Module federation| Davide Senatore

In this video we will see a solution for loading federated modules dynamically with Angular and Webpack 5.

Using Angular and RxJS | Lamis Chebbi

Lamis will show you how to use Angular and RxJS together and when it’s a great idea to do so.

Angular vs React in 2021 | Slobodan Gajic

Which one is better JavaScript framework? What is the best JavaScript framework? React and Angular are the two most popular JavaScript technologies in the Frontend world, and I wanted to give you my opinion on which one is better.

As this one is a never-ending discussion, and I see so many discussions on different platforms but I don’t necessarily agree with all of them.

Angular apps with Scully | Jennifer Wadella & Sam Vloeberghs

If you’re looking for ways to improve performance of your Angular applications, look no further than Scully.

Scully is the JAMstack tool the Angular community has been craving to make pre-rendering and serving static pages a breeze, with a great supporting community and a variety of plugins to meet any application setups needs.

In this talk, Jennifer teaches us about JAMstack concepts and how to get started with Scully to make your Angular applications more performant today.


Scully is still a new kid on the block!

In this talk, Sam highlights 3 things you (might) not know yet about Scully!

Cross-platform apps with capacitor | Mike Hartington

Join Mike Hartington for a walkthrough of Capacitor, a new cross-platform native runtime that makes it easy to build web apps that run on iOS, Android, and on the web as Progressive Web Apps— all powered by a single codebase.  Capacitor is a spiritual success to Cordova and offers a modern approach to app building that makes it easy for web developers to reuse their skills to build quality apps for all platforms, while significantly lessening the likelihood that they’ll get stuck on native-specific issues.

Nested routing

In this video you will be introduced to Routing and some of the basic concepts to begin your journey. Angular is a front-end JavaScript framework used to develop Web and Single-page applications.

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