Angular meetup videos from November, 2020

Are you, by any chance, looking for the most relevant Angular meetup videos? Well, look no further. We have exactly what you need. Here are the best ones from November, 2020, and believe us, they are all worth checking out!

Angular Universal for Server Side Rendering | Tara Z. Manicsic

In this webinar you’ll learn how to use Angular Universal for Server Side Rendering and Netlify Functions for using server less function to render. This will help us compare and bring to light some answers to see what is the best way to render for the projects we create.

Monitoring Angular Applications | Neil Manvar

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Sentry helps you monitor errors & performance.

Sentry gives full visibility when it comes to errors and performance — so all developers can see exactly what’s causing slowdowns and crashes.

Controlling an app with a camera via hand gestures | Minko Gechev

In this video you’ll see a prototype of machine learning powered UI using TensorFlow.js and Angular material.

Keynote – Present and Future of Angular

The language that has been growing at Google for over four years now. In the process, we’ve been continuously going through rapid technical and organizational evolution. In this talk, we’ll share the current state of it inside Google. We’ll also look into the future to bring more light into some of the current and future projects we shared in our roadmap.

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