The greatest Angular meetup videos from October, 2020

Luckily for us Angular enthusiasts, October was a busy month full of great videos. To make your lives easier, we’ve once again decided to select the best ones for you.

Authentication & Authorization in Angular with Auth0 | Ana Cidre, Sam Julien & Lucho Balmaceda

Adding authentication and authorization to an Angular app can be challenging. It’s hard to know where everything goes, what the best practices are for working with RxJS, and what the most secure implementation is. Luckily, Auth0 has a brand new Angular SDK to make this process smooth.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to allow users to log in and out of an application, how to display user attributes, how to protect routes with guards, and how to call a secured API with an access token. You’ll be up and running quickly so you can focus on building features and improving your app!

RxJS Operators & Fully Zone-less | Jan-Niklas Wortmann & Michael Hladky

RxJS is getting more popular every day. The amount of downloads from the public registry is insane, with around 50 million downloads per month. Everyone that already uses RxJS knows that the added value of RxJS mostly comes from the provided operators. These operators enable us to develop complex scenarios in a fairly comprehensible manner.

Right now RxJS already provides over 100 different operators and it is also possible to extend this huge list by developing custom operators.

But wait, do you actually know how operators are internally structured? How is this magic piece of code developed that brings so much power? Everyone uses RxJS operators on a daily bases, but no one really knows about the internals of it!

In the first talk, Jan-Niklas takes a deep dive into the internals of RxJS to understand how operators are developed. This makes us understand how these operators work and enables us to write our own operators to fully embrace the power of RxJS.

If you find the async pipe boring, then you will love this talk. Michael Hladky teaches us the guts of Angulars change detection and why zone.js can be your biggest enemy. He talks about a trick on template bindings, component rendering, and where you pay the biggest price. As the tip of the iceberg, you learn how to identify and avoid blocking UIs by analyzing flame charts and leverage task scheduling. In the end, you will be able to build applications with zone-less performance even in a zone-full environment.

JamstackNG: Angular + Scully Webinar | Aaron Frost

Nothing makes Angular faster than embracing the Jamstack. And Scully is how Angular projects do that. In this webinar, you’ll learn what exactly the Jamstack is, why it makes things so incredibly fast, and be blown away as you see just how easy Scully is to add to your projects.

Smarter & Faster Angular Development with Nx | Juri Strumpflohner & Isaac Mann

In this webinar, you’ll learn how a monorepo can help and how, in particular, the open source toolkit Nx makes developing in a monorepo simpler. You’ll walk away knowing how to use Nx’s powerful code schematics to generate code and quickly set up tools like Cypress and Storybook.

A Whole New Way to Build Ivy Apps | Eric Simons

Ever wish you could quickly prototype Ivy apps without slow npm installs & webpack builds? News flash: the Angular CLI can now run completely in-browser… and FAST. In this lightning talk we’ll explore the latest toolchain upgrades on StackBlitz & how they enable rapid web development!

Debugging Like a Boss in Angular 9 | Anthony Humes

For the first time ever, Angular has implemented a robust debugging api (sorry, ng.probe doesn’t count) that make sense and works. Come and learn tips and tricks that will improve the way you debug your Angular apps using the console in Angular 9.

Guess what – November was also full of relevant Angular meetup videos. You can check them out here!

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