Angular: the best videos from September, 2021

Missing us already? We’re here with September’s most popular Angular videos covering Micro-Frontends, Capacitor Flux, and much more! Roll up your sleeves and check them out.

Federated Angular: Why and How? | Manfred Steyer

Let Manfred Steyer guide you through the implementation of Micro-Frontends into several projects he has been involved in the past.

Find out whether Micro-Frontends are a good fit for you and how you can integrate it with Angular alongside discussing consequences, trade-offs, and alternatives.

Ionic Angular: Making Capacitor Flux with NativeScript | Nathan Walker & Osei Fortune

Learn more about the possibilities of Capacitor and NativeScript while submerging your Angular application into the exciting world of platform APIs and devices for diverse developments.

Federated Angular: Micro Frontends with Module Federation | Manfred Steyer

Get your knowledge up to date with Module Federation that launches a new direction in the implementation of Micro Frontends by Manfred Steyer.

Angular and Core Web Vitals | Minko Gechev & Houssein

Discover what Angular does to improve your CWV metrics under the hood and meet new techniques that make your optimization and debugging seamless. Get a better understanding of how you can achieve the perfect performance score.

Super Charge Your Angular Apps using State Management with NgRx | Muhammad Awais

Muhammad Awais shows you the steps towards using NgRx Store. Obtain the ability to store all state in a single tree that is accessible from any part of the application

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