Angular: Top 5 Most Watched Videos in September 2022

Angular tech talks were in the spotlight this September with an overwhelming number of videos featuring experts from all over the world. This time we hand selected the top 5 of them for you to pick up all you can. Enjoy!

What is Angular in the Jamstack | Tara Z. Manicsic

Let’s talk about the Jamstack architecture and where Angular fits! Learn what Angular is in the Jamstack, deep dive into pre-rendering, find out all about Static Site Generators and Content Delivery Networks and how Netlify comes into the picture.

Error Handling – Complete Guide (2022) | Dmytro Mezhenskyi

Unfortunately, errors happen in every application which makes error handling one of the most critical parts you have to focus on. Yes, we can’t get rid of errors completely, however, we can react to them and gracefully handle exceptions, improving the user experience in our apps. In this video, Dmytro will share with you different error handling strategies that will help you to solve 80% of possible scenarios that might occur in your applications. You will learn how to handle exceptions that happen in sync and async code, how Angular tracks errors, and how it globally handles it. You will see how errors are being handled by rxjs streams and how to use Angular HTTP_INTERCEPTORS to implement a global strategy for failed HTTP requests.

CanMatch Guard in Angular 14.1 Router (2022) | Dmytro Mezhenskyi

Second round of Dmytro…wow! Angular 14.1 comes with many useful features and in this video, we will have a look at one of them. Let’s talk about a brand-new CanMatch guard in Angular router that can help you to ‘skip’ routes depending on some certain conditions. This is quite different compared to already existing guards and brings even more flexibility to your apps.

Getting Started with Standalone Components| Jessica Janiuk

Join the Angular team’s very own Jessica Janiuk as she guides us through the getting started with the brand new Standalone Components feature.

Bringing Your Angular Web App to Native | Mike Hartington

So, you have a killer app you’ve built and want to take it from your web browser to the App Store. Sure, there are a lot of options here, but most will require you to maintain separate apps for each platform. You want your codebase to be as close as possible across Web, Android, and iOS. Thankfully, with Capacitor, you can take your existing web app and quickly create native iOS and Android apps for distribution on your favorite App Store.

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