Top 11 Angular talks in March 2022

Angular-related talks were in the spotlight last month: let’s see the top 11 from Angular experts from all over the world! Our audience is going crazy for them, so you might want to take a look at this list too. Tell us which one is your favorite!

Build a design system with Angular + Nx + Storybook | Katerina Skroumpelou

If you are part of a large organization or team, chances are you need a design system. There are tons of tools out there to help you develop and organize that design system. Let’s see how a combination of React, Nx and Storybook will make that process more efficient, more enjoyable, and definitely more scalable.

Angular Elements: Write Once, Use Everywhere | Blagoj Jovanov

This talk will focus on Angular Elements and Web components, explaining them in the most comprehensive way by defining and giving suitable examples about them. There will be two demos, one explaining how to define custom elements without Angular support and the other one showing what can be done using latest Angular. Blagoj also talks about packaging of custom elements, explaining differential loading and also the slots API and giving examples in the demo.

Lazy loading single components on demand | Haim Agami-Turjeman

We often load components to our apps that our users use rarely in their day-to-day interaction with our app. Let’s see how to leverage Angular ComponentFactory to dynamically load these components and throw in JS natural import() method to make them even lazy-loaded, only when they are needed while making our app load faster and feel more responsive.

Automating Your Development Process to Ensure Maintainable Code | Guy Nesher

Angular is a framework designed to enable developers to build fast, secure, and maintainable applications. But without ensuring the quality of the code, it is not possible to write maintainable code – and the Angular CLI does very little to help us. In this talk, you can learn how to use tools such as eslint, prettier, lint-staged, husky, and SonarQube to ensure your code is clean and well-written. Finally, let’s take a look at what the future has in store with solutions such as the Rome Tools that will hopefully simplify the development process in the future.

Practices for the 21st Century Angular Developer | Nir Kaufman

The Angular framework is usually associated with large-scale, enterprise systems. While Angular is certainly built for the task – you don’t necessarily need everything Angular has to offer. The simple truth is: It’s easier to add complexity – but much harder to simplify complex applications once implemented. In this session you can learn how to use Angular as little as needed, and why there is no such a thing as “”bad practice””.

The status of Angular | Maxim Salnikov

What is the current status of the Angular framework? What new features are there in the latest version and on the roadmap? Let’s have a bird-eye view of the framework to make informed technical decisions, to make sure that we use the latest best practices, and to look into the future of our projects with confidence.

Stand alone components – Class of 2022 | Eliran Eliassy

One of the next upcoming features to Angular next year is the ability to create stand alone components. This is a long awaited feature that was discussed for years inside & outside the team but finally got addressed now! In this talk we will go through why you need stand alone components, what the benefits will be and most importantly how it will actually work in the future.

Debugging Angular with Flame charts | Katya Pavlenko

What do you know about how Angular works? You read articles explaining what it does under the hood, how change detection works, what zonejs is needed for and trust those articles. But what if you want to check it yourself to debug the next nasty bug which is probably related to framework code? First idea is to put breakpoints and try to follow them in Sources tab Chrome But there is a better way that not everyone knows about – use performance tab and record your interaction to flame chart, which would show you how exactly framework is working, and you’d be able to see where button click is born and what journey it does to update app state.

How to contribute to Angular Documentation | Dmytro Mezhenskyi

There are always some small things you could improve like typos, grammar mistakes,.m In this video, Dmytro shares with you a step by step guide of how to add your improvements in the official Angular Documentation on the website. Let’s start to build better docs together!

Concurrent Mode in Angular – Non-blocking UIs at scale | Michael Hladky

In this talk, you will be introduced to the outcome of multiple years of research – Concurrent Mode in Angular. Concurrent Mode gives you full, prioritized control of work on the main thread. In the course of this event, we will: discuss use cases and measure performance impact see the possibilities of Concurrent Mode with real-world demos showcase a nice API to schedule tasks with explicit priorities Live in front of the whole audience, Michael will dig through the browser Flame Charts and explain the underlying principles in detail.

SEO in Angular? No big deal with SSR and Angular Universal | Martina Krau

The concept of Single-page Applications has great benefits. These are: better caching capabilities or just rendering the content that is updated without re-rendering the whole application. But it also has one problem: the JavaScript code runs in one single HTML page. Recent search engines don’t always pre-render the page before and just evaluate the empty page. In this talk, Google Developer Expert Martina will give a brief introduction to common best practices for SEO in Angular.

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