Angular: The Leading Tech Talks in June

Another month has passed so we’re back with the most watched Angular meetups from June. Dive right into internationalization, inject services, smart apps, libraries, providers and much more. Extend your knowledge with the highest-rated tech talks chosen by our audience. Enjoy!

Introduction to Internationalization | Mark Thompson

Do you wish there was a way for your app to display in the language of your user? Mark Thompson covers in 15 minutes how to internationalize and localize an application in Angular to do exactly what you wish for!

New Way to Inject Services in Angular 14 | Dmytro Mezhenskyi

Angular 14 is about to be released and it brings a lot of new cool features. One of those features is the injected() function that has been existing since Angular 9 but with Angular 14 it gets more areas where it could be applied. Let’s have a look at some base use cases.

Create Smart Apps Using Azure Computer Vision | Ankit Sharma

Learn how to create an optical character recognition (OCR) application using Angular and the Azure Computer Vision Cognitive Service. Computer Vision is an AI service that analyzes content in images. We will use the OCR feature of Computer Vision to detect the printed text in an image. The application will extract the text from the image and detects the language of the text.

The Best Way to Architect Your Libraries | Tomas Trajan

In this talk, we’re going to explore how to architect Angular libraries with the help of sub-entries so that your consumers can benefit from the smallest possible bundle size and your teammates from great developer experience when adding additional components and services to the library itself!

Providers in Angular Route – New Feature| Dmytro Mezhenskyi

Angular 14 is definitely one of the most significant and powerful releases in the last couple of years. In this video, Dmytro covers one feature that slightly dissolved in the hype around standalone components and typed forms. This feature is “providers” property in routes. How does it work and what impact on current Angular Dependency Injection it has – all these questions will be covered in this video.

Eliminating XSS Angular Applications by Adopting TT | Bjarki Agust Gudmundsson

In this talk, you’ll learn how Trusted Types can significantly strengthen the security posture of your Angular application. Also, how to get started with Trusted Types and how to roll out Trusted Types in your application. In addition, how to fix any vulnerabilities you may find along the way. Upon completion of this session, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to fully adopt Trusted Types, and be able to worry less about the risk of security compromise within your applications.

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