Best of 2021: React & React Native meetups

React and React Native videos were definitely in the flow in 2021 and are expected to dominate 2022 as well! Better catch up on the top 10 meetup videos from last year so you won’t be falling behind. Learn about React from different aspects and start the new year as an expert in Navigation, Custom Hooks, Query, Migration, Testing and so much more. We definitely have something you might want to take a deep dive into.

Expert guide to React Navigation | Satya Sahoo & Mateusz Kosoń

Satya Sahoo and Mateusz Kosoń, software engineers at Callstack, are talking about the React Navigation library. During the conversation, they cover a wide range of topics related to it, including:

– What is React Navigation library and what’s its biggest selling point?
– What was the idea behind creating it?
– How did it happen that React Navigation became a “recommended” library in the community?
– What’s coming up with the React Navigation v5?
– What issues does this new version solve?
– What do they appreciate most about React Navigation v5?

Also, they will provide some sneak peaks at what’s coming up with the upcoming React Navigation v6.0!

Improving apps with Custom Hooks and React-Query | Zach Taylor

Zach Taylor will be going over two things that can greatly help you improve the quality of your React code: custom hooks and react-query.

Custom Hooks: One of the main reasons people love React is that it allows them to organize markup into reusable pieces. Custom hooks allow us to do the same thing with application state. This might sound mysterious, but it’s not: custom hooks are just functions. Therefore, they can do all the things functions can do. They are reusable, and they can help you maintain separation of concerns in your application.

React-Query: Application state can always be organized into two categories: UI state and server state. You’ve probably noticed the distinction because server state comes with several unique challenges. It is an awesome library that solves these challenges and will help you manage server state the right way, making your app much more performant and maintainable. And when you combine react-query with custom hooks, things get even better!

What is React Native Paper? | Dawid Urbaniak

What is React Native Paper and what makes this UI library so unique. In this short video from Dawid Urbaniak, the lead engineer in the React Native Paper team explains some basic queries about this UI library. If you haven’t heard about this library before, it’s definitely worth watching!

Using Firebase to create a production app | Kaylee Mchugh

In this session, we’ll cover what Firebase is and how you can use it to quickly set up new projects. For instance, we’ll go over each of Firebase’s most useful tools at a high level (did you say built-in database and domain hosting?), and will show you how you can create a secure, scalable platform that can handle 1 user or millions of users without any large code changes.

Complex React migration | Jason Santos

In 2020, Rangle partnered with the Survey Monkey team to migrate a legacy codebase to React. Survey Monkey’s best-in-class digital products were being held back by fragmentation and complexity, which created a lot of rework and wasted effort for their engineering teams. Working together, we implemented a number of process and architecture changes in order to cut the complexity and improved workflows, letting our blended team deliver results with speed and consistently, even early in the engagement. These were not one-size-fits-all solutions, but solves that were unique and fitted to the needs of the engineering and product teams.

How To Test Your App (unit / functional testing and CI pipeline tutorial) | Nikolay Advolodkin

Many developers still struggle with testing their applications, when to test, and all in all how to put this into an uninterrupted integration pipeline.
Learn how you can bridge the gap between these problems by using the perfect combination of the right tools.

Visualizations with React & D3 | Allie Wilsone

Find out how to blend them in order to create remarkable visualizations, and how to utilize flexibility and low-cost D3 options while building an application. Don’t settle for a more expensive option!

Local Notifications in React Native | Helena Ford

Exploit the full power of notifications to increase user engagement and user retention. Learn all about local and remote notifications and how to integrate them in an application. Go above and beyond and elevate them to enhance overall UX.

How to Build a Netflix Clone | Jeremy Hanna

Eager to learn how you can create a Netflix homepage yourself? Jeremy digs deep into successfully building it in a simple React.js running on Astra DB. As a result, you can leverage a GraphQL API with paging and infinite scrolling.

Sub-second integration tests for your RN app & Bluetooth device | Lars Thorup

Wondering how you can create any applications for Bluetooth devices? Learn how to code loudspeakers, toothbrushes, dishwashers and many more by Lars Thorup. In the meanwhile, get introduced to introducing you to the technique of mock recording.

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