January’s best compilation of career meetup videos in 2022

Curious of what were the most outstanding meetups in January? Look no further! We’ve already hand selected them for you to help you on your career growth journey. Master these tips from tech experts and nail those interviews with ease.

How an Egg Timer App Got Me Every Interview and Helped My Career | Emin Grbo

What started as a simple idea in the terms of “let me make an app to be able to show for my junior position interview” continued to get him an interview after interview and never failed to put a spotlight on him when he really needed in his career. Even though he created the app for that very reason, he never expected it to work this good and for so long. In this talk, Emin dissects specific components of the app and demonstrates why it works so well.

You want to code, ship and own your code? Build your Observability muscle | Gregory Ouillon

As DevOps teams increase their velocity, they are facing big questions all along the software lifecycle. In this session, Gregory will discuss how high performance DevOps teams build their Observability muscle to deploy ever faster with greater confidence and take full ownership of their software.

How recording yourself can help you with public speaking and aid your career | Sam Burden

Public speaking within the tech realm has been a blessing in being able to present the latest product developments and influence direction. However, as the need for roles within tech to focus more on presenting ideas to a variety of stakeholders can make the most confident people feel uncomfortable without proper support or techniques to improve this skill. Within this talk, Sam presents the idea of how technology can help you to become a better speaker, specifically through the technique of recording yourself daily, in order to help reduce the fear of public speaking and to help frequently stretch these skills when opportunities are not regularly used.

The Varieties of Development Experience | Andrew Harmel law

Have you ever wondered why it feels like it does to write code? Have you ever stopped and thought “if this is supposed to be such an intellectual exercise, why am I experiencing so many emotions, from the heights of elation, to the pits of despair?”. In this session, Andrew explains the theory behind it, bringing in the latest views from neuro- and cognitive science. Then consider how it can be applied, not only explaining how it feels to write code, but also interrogating why each of us has such wildly different experiences. In doing so you’ll gain a far deeper understanding of this daily activity, and consequently drive significant personal improvements to aid your career.

How To Land A Remote Developer Job in 2022 | Erik Hanchett

Want a career as a remote developer, but don’t know where to start? In this video Erik tells you where you should look to get one! This will work for web development, back end development, front end development and more!

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