Career Meetups That Will Blow Your Mind

In the times of such uncertainty and job hopping on the job market you have to be sure you make every effort to stand out of the crowd. That’s why we’ve brought you the finest career tech talks in August that will instantly level up your game. Enjoy!

Growing Together: The Impact of Community on Career | Sumayyah Ahmed & Devanshi Modha & Dinorah Tovar

Join us to hear from industry leaders on how contributing to and being visible in the developer community can have a meaningful impact on your career. Supporting your community can take many forms from acting as an organizer, conference speaker, developer mentor or more.

5 Steps to High-Paying Job Offers You Deserve | Katie McIntyre

In this workshop you’ll learn the exact 5 step strategy that 575+ students have used to land dream jobs with companies they admire. So you no longer have to play the apply-and-wait game, waste countless hours applying to jobs, get ghosted by recruiters, or fail to land competitive job offers.

Seven Habits of Highly Successful IT Leaders | Indira Munjuluri

What makes us a successful IT leader? We bring out all those seven habits that Indira thinks make a difference. And we also look at some other general questions in terms of how do we navigate, learn from her career and success story.

You Don’t Have to Be a Manager | Stacy Devino

You are a fabulous Senior Engineer and you love what you do, but you feel stagnated. We have all heard it before: “Why don’t you become a manager?” Moving up the corporate ladder doesn’t mean that you have to move out of a technical role. Advancing past “senior engineer” doesn’t lead you to a crossroad — but to finding yourself in the middle of possibilities. There are many roles in tech that are still “technical” available, and this session will go over some of those options and what is involved in those roles. You will also hear the speaker’s first-hand experience of how you can make those roles your own and how they can differ significantly from one employer to the next.

Document Yourself: A Framework for Career Advancement | Michelle Brenner

The goal of this workshop is to document yourself the way you would document code. You wouldn’t expect someone who wants to use the program you built to read every line of code. Instead, they’re relying on the design documents and doc strings to know how it works. The same is true with your career. This workshop is about making it easy for you to provide overwhelming evidence of your value to the company. When you can show your ROI, it’s much easier to secure that promotion, raise or new job that you deserve.

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