Career Meetups in June: Boost Your Game

Do you have any programs for the summer? We sure do. Jump right in and focus on your career development while others are vacationing! These are the 5 best tech talks focusing on getting the best tech job in your life, check them out.

How to Build the Perfect Resume & LinkedIn Profile | Katie McIntyre

Want some tips on how to improve your resume and LinkedIn profile to stand out amongst the crowd? During this session, Career Coach Katie McIntyre will share how you can get recruiters and hiring managers reaching out to you, so that you can secure interviews with the companies YOU want to work with. She’ll discuss the ingredients of a perfectly optimized LinkedIn Profile, the dirty resume secrets no recruiter talks about, and proven resume templates to use today.

Building Your Career Like a Product: A PM’s Take | Huma Hamid

Careers and products have a few things in common e.g. they have a life cycle, they require vision, investment and feedback and there is a ROI. To stay relevant in today’s competitive and fast moving workplace, building your own career has gone from a “nice to have” to a “necessary to have”. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be ambitious or career driven, the chances that you will outgrow your existing role, team, company or industry are very high. In this talk, Huma covers the fundamentals of building products (vision, strategy, roadmap, prioritization, performance indicators, feedback-loop) that can also be applied to building an impactful, agile, revenue generating career.

20 Questions To Ask Your Next Employer | Dave Farley

How do you pick your employer? How do you get a great job in software development? Programming jobs aren’t all the same. What makes a good job in software is subjective, obviously, it depends on what you are looking for, but there are some generic characteristics that statistically predict that people working in these places will enjoy their work more and have lower rates of burn-out and improved scores in things like work/life balance. So how do you get a job in software that is more rewarding, more fun and will challenge you to get better at the things that you love? How do you find the jobs that will help you to become a better SW developer? This probably all sounds too good to be true, but in this episode, Dave Farley, author of “Continuous Delivery” and “Modern Software Engineering”, offers his advice on how to pick great employers. He describes the things that you should explore, when looking for a new job, to decide if a potential employer is only talking a good game, rather than playing a good game.

What They Don’t Tell You About Tech Interviews | Fatima Taj

Are you terrified of the tech interview process? Do you wish someone could just give you an end-to-end overview of what the whole process is like? Or are you someone who’s very frustrated with how you just don’t seem to understand what the interviewer wants? You get interviews and you seem to do everything right on paper, but something’s still amiss? If you find yourself saying yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you. In this workshop, you’ll walkthrough the tech interview process, including the art of networking during COVID, the standard tech interview process, tips and tricks for behavioural and technical rounds which go beyond just getting the question right and that’ll really help you stand out as a candidate, post-interview etiquette, compensation packages and negotiation.

Two Years of Pandemic for Our Mental Health: And Now What? | Antonio Cobo

Covid-19 has changed the world. Those who worked in IT I were one of the privileged who could work from home. It was not a choice, they had to work from home as a matter of survival. This situation has made an impact on our mental health. Things that were not important before, now they are critical. Others that were important before, they are not relevant anymore. After this talk you will know how others survived and improved during this pandemic and you will be able to apply several tips so you can thrive and improve on this new way of living as they did!

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