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Tech Career meetups are always among the most watched videos on MeetupFeed. This time, we’ve hand selected 5 of them for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Learn about the LinkedIn Applications Engineering Technical Screen | Amrita Dasgupta

Amrita Dasgupta works as a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn. In this session, she shares more about the technical screen for the Applications Engineering track.

Journey from Frontend Engineer to Engineering Manager | Nataliya Pasichnyk

At some point in your career, you wonder where you want to go next. You choose whether to focus on more technical subjects or take the management path. Natalia joined her company as a Junior Frontend Engineer and within three years became an Engineering Manager. You will learn what steps have brought her closer to this and what can help you in choosing this path.

Interviewing in Tech: Tips and Tricks | Mincy George & Serena Fritsch & Alex Mikhailova & Sarah Cooper

Let’s learn from some amazing experts from the tech world (Spotify, Intercom, Quadrature) who will share their knowledge about the interview process in the UK so that you could improve your chances of getting hired as a software engineer here. These are some of the questions that will be discussed during the event:

  • What are the biggest red flags in a candidate’s resume?
  • How should an engineer prepare for a technical interview?
  • What mistakes do you see engineers typically make during technical interviews?
  • How do you assess if someone is a good cultural fit for your company?

The Visible Developer: Why You Shouldn’t Blend In | Heather Downing

Ever wonder how some technical people are recognized and promoted quicker than others with the same skill set? Yes, there is a formula to make it more likely. We will explore the habits of well known developers outside of their coding chops, to identify what additionally allowed them to become a trusted and known voice in their environment. This approach can be a benefit to you, no matter how junior or senior you are.

How Can Robots (RPA) Help You and Your Career? | Cynthia Libby

We’ve all had tasks where we had to do the same steps over and over again. For example, transferring data between systems that aren’t integrated. Boredom quickly sets in and we start making mistakes. We’d love to figure out a way to make those tasks quicker – or better yet go away completely. Cut/paste and macros help – but only go so far. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) does this and quite a bit more. Not with little flying robots but with smart software. This session will give you an understanding of RPA and what it can do, both as a tool to make your repetitive tasks easier and as a possible career opportunity.

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