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Metaverse Mania: Tech Talks in October 2022

We’ve brought you the first ever roundup about the Metaverse…yay! These talks are definitely worthy of your attention if your goal is to obtain as much knowledge as you can about the Metaverse. We will touch topics like sport creation, monetization, meta quest store and much more. Enjoy! The Metaverse is Here to Stay -…

Agile: the Star of October

You hear about Agile all the time but did you already dive deep into the subject of how to truly utilize it? If not, here’s your chance. We’ve hand selected the top six meetup videos that are revolving around this topic. Enjoy! 40 Agile Methods in 40 Minutes | Craig Smith With 66% of the…

Top 5 Azure Meetups in October

In the spotlight this October: Azure tech talks. You truly were engaged last month when it came to this topic so we decided to do a collection of the best meetups about Azure. Deep dive into containers, architectures, downtime upgrades and more. Enjoy! Azure and Containers, the Tale of the Two Inseparable Friends | Yaser…

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