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Compilation: Tech talks beyond compare in May

This month we decided to bring you a roundup of not one technology but all of the top-rated meetups selected by hand, chosen by our audience. Find out what the leading 13 was in May and dive right into it. Enjoy! 11 Crazy Things I Didn’t Know You Could Do With Java | Hanno Embregts … Read more


Microservices meetups were all over the place in April 2022

A new roundup for you folks: let’s see what the four most crowd-pleasing meetups were last month. Deep dive into implementation, fundamentals, enterprise microservices and many more topics! Implementing Event-Driven Microservices architecture in Functional lang | Nikhil Barthwal Web services are typically stateless entities that need to operate at scale at large. Functional paradigm can … Read more

React & React Native: The champions of meetups in April 2022

There was a lot going on in April in terms of meetups all over the world. Let’s see what the top 8 meetup videos were this month. You can find out more about accessibility, how to learn React Native as a junior, AR apps, using SVG, libraries, debugging and much more! Check this list and … Read more

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