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angular meetup videos

Top 3 Angular meetup videos in May, 2021

Another month’s gone, another Angular roundup post is here! This time we’ve selected a top 3 video list from some of the most important figures from the Angular community. John Papa, Minko Gechev and Mark Thompson are all featured, covering great topics like the latest changes to the framework, libraries in Angular 12 and using … Read more

React meetup videos

React meetup videos from April, 2021

Check out our hand-picked selection of April’s most interesting React meetup videos here. This roundup covers topics like complex React migration, improving React apps with Custom Hooks, making modern websites, using Firebase to create React apps, and learning more about web performance and core web vitals in React. Complex React migration | Jason Santos In … Read more

Angular meetup videos from April, 2021

MeetupFeed is back with a summary of all the exciting Angular meetup videos from April, 2021. Below you’ll find great meetup videos about different aspects of Angular, useful tips and some great tricks as well. Systemizing Router Animations | Zack DeRose Zack DeRose will be building an ‘animation system’ for an Angular application, where our … Read more

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