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Kubernetes: best videos from September, 2021

Let’s get down to Kubernetes and check out the most outstanding videos in September. Lessons learned, benefits unfolded and best practices were revealed last month. Modernizing a legacy app using Windows Containers and Kubernetes: Challenges and Lessons learned The main purpose of modernizing the hosting was to scale down maintenance efforts and costs. The speaker … Read more

Rust: most sought after meetups in September, 2021

Feeling rusty in Rust, or just wanting to learn a new language? We’re down for it! Let’s see what this month’s most popular videos were, bet you’ll find something useful. From Case studies to GBDT Libraries, you’ve got everything you need to freshen up your knowledge. Benefits and Drawbacks of Adopting a Secure Programming Language: … Read more

Node.js videos you must see from September, 2021

Is Node.js your thing? Then don’t miss out on this September’s most popular videos from topics including security, Prisma, APM and all you can imagine. It’s a good day to learn something you never thought of…until now! Build a Zero Knowledge backend with Node.js | Matthias Dugué Master Zero Knowledge Architecture and build apps where … Read more

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