Top IT Career Meetups in November, 2021

Eager to see the finest IT Career meetup videos from this November? Say no more, check our hand-picked selection below.

Writing Code is Easy, Being a Great Developer is Hard | Helen Scott

Dive into matters with Helen, who tells you all the things you need to know besides how to write a code well. Explore a whole bunch of other skills you might not have even realised you needed – until now. Find out how you can be an extraordinary developer wanted by many headhunters.

An Introduction To Accessibility & Why A Techy Needs A Personal Brand | Robert Precious & Rachel Skelton

Jump into accessibility and let Robert elaborate on the triggers that start accessibility work at a company. Let him guide you through the start, problems, testing and so much more. Why does a techie need a personal brand now more than ever? Rachel continues by answering all your questions and making it easier for you to stand out of the crowd.

Five Programming Interview Red Flags In Your Career | Ryan McBeth

Be prepared for any interview in your career and spare your own time by looking at instant red flags. You will thank Ryan McBeth in the long run, although it might be hard turning down an offer based on these things. But having a job at a company where you can truly fit in is invaluable. This is how you can easily filter your offers.

Emotional Intelligence in Tech | Rosemarie Wilson

Some might think that being a developer is all about the technical skills, but let’s not forget about emotional intelligence, which is just as important for success. Get an overview of how you can communicate your solutions better by improving your emotional intelligence. Let’s not forget that you still have to work with other people even as a developer.

Five Programming Skills to Boost your Resume | Ryan McBeth

Learn about five skills that will boost your resume right away. And you can learn them in only two week! The mentioned things are: SQL, Clustered & Non-Clustered Index, Jira, Git, Aws & Azure and many many more. Which of these skills do you already possess?

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