February’s finest IT management meetup videos

Following our latest release of 2020’s most relevant IT Management meetup videos, we’re back with the best management videos from February.

How to avoid failure in your agile retrospective | Aino Vonge Corry & John Le Drew

Running retrospectives can be intimidating, especially if you’re just getting started. However, their importance in shaping teams cannot be contested. To ensure that you run successful retrospectives it is essential to understand what common pitfalls or anti-patterns appear while running them. Moreover, in the second episode, based on the book “Retrospectives’ Anti-patterns,” Aino Vonge Corry and John Le Drew highlight the role of the facilitator as a team psychologist and what future retrospectives can do for you.

The power of representation & hearing diverse tech career stories | Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy, Database Administrator & Tech Event Organizer, discusses the origins of her confidence in her own ability to succeed in tech and the power of attending tech events to hear other people’s stories of their path into tech. 

Interviewed by Cait Sarazin, Senior Content Manager at WWCode.

Balancing choreography and orchestration | Bernd Rücker

These days, many teams favor loose coupling, isolation and autonomy of services. Therefore, they typically opt for event-driven and reactive architectures, using a communication pattern known as choreography.​ Bernd Rücker believes that choreography is beneficial in some situations, but that it is far from the holy grail of integration.​ In some scenarios, it increases coupling, often accidentally and to a dangerous degree. Orchestration is a better choice for some situations but is often bashed for introducing tight coupling.

Starting a thread: Pin the right questions | Dora Makszy

Let me prepare senior developers for the questions of the juniors, that I’ve asked through my personal development journey. How to encourage them to ask, or even realise that there might be a question. See, how to notice if they’re stuck, and make their learning path easier.

The persuasion equation | Brooke Jamieson

How to effectively communicate results to people who don’t want to listen?

This session will present a winning workflow for Analysts, Developers and Engineers to harness the power of persuasion with data. Attendees will hear how to present the results of their data science, projects or analysis. They will also learn how to drive their audience to act on those results. My experience with presenting my work in data science to people who then became inspired to act on that work, when they initially didn’t want to listen. I call this “The Persuasion Equation”. It’s how I found a way to make my voice heard within an organisation, and it’s the difference between insights and action.

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