First-rate Java & JavaScript meetups in January 2022

Java & JavaScript enthusiasts, gather around! We’ve selected the best quality meetups for you that our community loved last month. Let’s lay back and enjoy our content of the most-rated and most watched videos that are truly worth your time!

How Should Java Developers Build Front-Ends for Web, Mobile, and Desktop Today | Karsten Silz

Users access applications on PCs and mobile devices today. There are two obvious ways to build front-ends for these devices: Web applications and native applications. Cross-platform UI frameworks combine advantages from both approaches. Karsten will look at all these toolkits from the perspective of a Java developer and suggest which one to use in three common scenarios.

Solving The Expression Problem | Richard Warburton & Raoul-Gabriel Urma

Java 9 to 17 has brought significant changes in how we can now write day to day Java code. In this talk, they will cover the notorious expression problem and how it can be addressed using Java’s most modern language features including switch expression, sealed classes and pattern matching. And what’s more, they’ll refactor a code written pre-Java 9, using new features and approaches whilst showing the resulting code benefits including cohesion, decoupling and readability.

Modernizing Workloads At Microsoft | Martijn Verburg

Martijn takes you on a journey of how Java exploded on the scene at Microsoft, and how you can run your Modern Java there today, any which way you like! This was a session where burning questions were answered.

Faster Java Without Changing Any Code | Simon Ritter

Applications that run on the JVM benefit from a managed runtime environment with JIT compilation that can easily exceed the performance of natively compiled code. In this byte-sized session, Simon Ritter will look at some ways to improve the performance of your JVM-based applications without having to change a single line of code or even recompile!

Let’s make Java fun to use | Max Rydahl Andersen

Why should you need to download java, set up a build system and configure your IDE to just play and do some scripting and automation tasks? Why is there always this overhead and everyone seem to just accept it or go use another language? This talk aims for you to see Java can be as accessible as you’ve never seen it before and how we can make java fun again.

Design Patterns in JavaScript | Tim Winfred & Matthew Pagan

Tim Winfred talks with Matthew Pagan about design patterns. They cover topics including “What are design patterns”, how to use design patterns to write cleaner code, and how developers can get started using design patterns.

Quines in JavaScript: Self-replicating Code that Prints Itself | Daniel Bark

A quine is a program that writes its own source code. Let’s dive into the topic and learn how you can create your own quine professionally. Daniel shows you the way!

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