The coolest JavaScript meetup videos from July 2020

Thanks to the efforts of the dev community, no JS-enthusiast was bored this July. Several outstanding meetup and dev videos were published last month. We’ve decided to publish our very own selection.

Leszek Swirski & Shu-yu Guo: What’s new in V8/JavaScript

Leszek Swirski and Shu-yu Guo take a tour of some new features and improvements of JavaScript and V8. For JS, learn about new syntax, like optional chaining and nullish coalescing, that make expressing common patterns a breeze, as well as the powerful new weak references that may help plug memory leaks. For V8, learn how the engine got faster with streaming parsing and slimmer with pointer compression.

Naina Raisinghani & Sebastian Benz: AMP at your service

Sebastian Benz and Naina Raisinghani discuss how Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) makes web development less painful and why it’s time to move away from paired AMP. You can also find a lot of useful resources under the video to create AMP pages using NextJS.

Crystal Lamberg & Ben Morss: Workerized JS made easy

When JavaScript lives in a Worker, it runs in a separate thread. Thus, it can’t block the browser from creating smooth user experiences! Unfortunately, since Workers can’t access the DOM directly, you can’t just stick your JavaScript into a Worker. Fortunately, last year, AMP introduced amp-script, a component that makes this straightforward. In this talk we chat about how to use amp-script to create your very own Workerized JS browser interactions!

Nic Jansma: Auditing and Improving the Performance of Boomerang

Boomerang is an open-source Real User Monitoring (RUM) JavaScript library used by thousands of websites to measure their visitor’s experiences. The developers behind Boomerang take pride in building a reliable and performant third-party library that everyone can use without being concerned about its measurements affecting their site.

We recently performed and shared an audit of Boomerang’s performance, to help communicate its “cost of doing business”, and in doing so we found several areas of code that we wanted to improve. We’ll discuss how we performed the audit, some of the improvements we’ve made, how we’re testing and validating our changes, and the real-time telemetry we capture for our library to ensure we’re having as little of an impact as possible on the sites we’re included on.

Richard Feldman & Thomas Anagrius: Upgrade Your Frontend Game – Be an Elm Wizard

Elm is a purely functional language that compiles to JavaScript in less than 4 seconds. We sat down with Richard Feldman, author of the book Elm in Action to understand how learning to code in Elm can help software developers whether they work with it on a daily basis or not.

Martin Splitt: Implementing structured data with JavaScript

If you are building a great website with JavaScript, you want it to stand out in Google Search, too. To be eligible for rich results, you need to add structured data to your pages. In this session, we walk through typical approaches to do this both in popular frameworks as well as vanilla JavaScript.

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