December’s best JavaScript meetup videos

December was full of JavaScript meetup videos. To make your lives easier once again, we’ve decided to select the best ones that you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on. Ready? Let’s go!

Create a psytrance riff with JavaSCript in Ableton Live | Walmik

This video demonstrates how you can use Scribbletune and a little bit of JavaScript to create the common “riffs” we hear in electronic music. The riff is imported in Ableton Live in this video, but it can be used in any DAW.

10 Helpful VS Code Extensions for JavaScript

Visual Studio Code has quickly become the code editor of choice among many developers.

The vast extension library is one of its main drawing points.

In this video, we quickly explore 10 helpful Visual Studio Code Extensions

Put down the JavaScript | Colby Fayock

Colby will be talking about putting down the javascript. Bootcamps and tutorials tend to throw those curious to learn right into Javascript. They ignore the fundamentals of web development missing key pieces to the puzzle of the web. He’ll show us how the basics of HTML and CSS can level up your knowledgeand enhance SEO, performance, and accessibility.

Transitioning to modern JavaScript | Houssein Djirdeh & Jason Miller

Over 90% of web traffic comes from browsers that support modern JavaScript, yet most websites ship legacy syntax in order to support a small number of very old browsers.

We now have the ability to deliver modern and legacy code to browsers based on what they support, but this doesn’t extend to the large amount of dependency code in our applications. Our dependencies are still published as verbose legacy syntax in order to support the lowest common denominator of browsers today.

This talk explains how legacy dependency code is one of the biggest performance problems on the web today, and what steps we can all take to address it.

Flappy Bird in JavaScript with 25 lines of code | Daniel Bark

In this tutorial Daniel takes on the challenge to code a flappy bird clone in a few lines of code as possible.The starting point is an empty HTML canvas and you can follow along all the way to a complete game.

Cancellations in JavaScript | Andrew Nosenko – Blazor and web assembly | Aaron Powell

Check out Andrew’s presentation about cancellations combined with Aaron’s talk on Blazor and web assembly right here!

Visualising front-end performance bottlenecks | Richie McColl

There are many ways to measure web performance, but the most important thing is to measure what actually matters to users. This talk is about how to measure, analyze and fix slow running JavaScript code using browser APIs.

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