Best JavaScript meetup videos from January, 2021

After our latest JavaScript meetup video selection from 2020’s finest, we’ve brought a new collection: January’s most important JavaScript meetup videos from the community. Check out some interesting ideas and methods below!

Deno + JavaScript: a Secure Runtime | Ryan Dahl

Deno is a runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that is based on the V8 JavaScript engine and the Rust programming language. It was created by Ryan Dahl, original creator of Node.js, and is focused on productivity.

Minecraft clone in JavaScript

Learn how to build a minecraft clone in JavaScript using React.js, Three.js and React Three Fiber. The game supports five Minecraft block types: Dirt, Grass, Wood, Log and Glass. You can move around using the mouse and WASD, You can click and Alt+click to add and remove blocks. The tutorial includes many React concepts such as

useState, useEffect, useRef and custom Hooks for State management and Keyboard input. Zustand is used for state management.

JavaScript for Plone 6 | Johannes Raggam

Plone’s JavaScript framework Mockup bitterly shows its age and the resource registry is no different.

In Plone 6 there is an urgent need for a simpler, modern, and standards compliant way of developing, building, and delivering JavaScript for projects where Volto is not an option.

This is what the PLIP 3211 will deliver, and it’s going to be amazing. Based on what Patternslib 4 already offers, it will feature ES6+ module imports, Webpack, dynamic imports, a simple resource registry, and most importantly: Just add your JavaScript and you’re done.

Jamstack with Plone and Volto | Asko Soukka

A case study in building a new study guide for University of Jyväskylä, using Volto on Plone as a “headless CMS” for managing all the authored content. We use GatsbyJS to build and maintain a study guide site with more than 12 000 pages and growing. While most of the pages are generated from relational data, hundreds of pages are manually authored and maintained using Volto, connected to relational content, and published preserving their original Volto layout.

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