JavaScript meetup videos from November, 2020

Although November wasn’t exactly full of JavaScript meetup videos, it didn’t stop us from returning to you with a hand-picked selection of the finest ones out there. Enjoy these three, they are all worth it!

BrisJS – November 2020 – Live Stream – Futuristic state management with GraphQL, Apollo and Magic!

You may have heard of Redux, Vuex, or Mobx? Yeah, but that’s so 2019! In this livestreamed talk, Tom Quirk will take us through how GitLab leverages Apollo (and a bit of magic) to manage and interact with client-side state using GraphQL queries.

Modern JavaScript for Python Developers

JavaScript is the lifeblood of the modern web application. You need it to do anything remotely complex on the web.

But, for many Python developers, the modern JavaScript ecosystem is intimidating. The tools feel complex. There are often several ways to achieve the same goals. It’s hard to choose a framework—and then once you do, it’s hard to know exactly how to integrate it into a Flask or Django project.

This talk aims to demystify modern JavaScript for Python-minded developers. It will cover major advances that have been made to JavaScript in recent years and how you can use the JavaScript ecosystem – including tools like npm, webpack and babel – to write Python applications for the modern web.

Nim on everything From microcontrollers to web-sites, C and JS as intermediary languages

Nim is an interesting new language. Its design is focused around the concept of a small core and great extensibility through a powerful macro system and multiple compilation targets. In this talk I want to showcase how Nim compiles to both C/C++ and JavaScript. Also, what this means for how easy interoperability and targeting many different platforms can be. Showcasing how the same language can be used for programming anything. From the tiniest resource scarce microcontrollers to web-sites or web-technology based desktop applications (like Electron) to normal desktop applications and server applications.

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