The best JavaScript meetup videos from October, 2020

We are back with the latest JavaScript meetup videos from October! Take a seat, and have a look below!

JavaScript on Microcontrollers | Niels Leenheer

Nowadays microcontrollers have become powerful enough to run JavaScript. Building an IoT device feels out of reach to a lot of web developers. Most of us didn’t study electrical engineering, and never learned to solder. And programming a microcontroller is on a completely different level than building a website. But that is just not true anymore. And that opens up IoT to all of us. With just 20 lines of code we can build a connected lightbulb, and within seconds we can wirelessly deploy it. Write a couple of lines more, and you can even remotely control a car. And that is precisely what we are going to do.

Making VR More Interesting | Milecia McGregor

If you are familiar with JavaScript, you can start making VR applications right now. Once you have your VR app ready to go, you can go a step further and add Brain.js to start getting insights about how users interact with your app and make real-time updates to the UI.

In this talk, attendees will learn how to start making VR apps, how to integrate Brain.js into a VR project, and how to use this information to make apps more accessible and interesting for users. We will cover some background material on machine learning and VR, then bring everything together in a live demo. By the end of the talk, the audience will know how to put all of these things together in a real, production-like app.

Inaccessible websites? – it’s you, not JavaScript | Anuradha Kumari

Accessibility is an inherent aspect of the web. And yet it is often neglected and considered as an afterthought. There are certain misconceptions lingering around it and it might appear burdensome or confusing as a result.

As we will explore the accessibility in this session, we will discover the ways in which JavaScript code can make or break the website accessibility. The objective of the talk is to enable the audience to apply the concepts learned within their projects/frameworks allowing everyone to write accessible and interactive interfaces/websites.

Creating symphonies| Steven Goodwin

Decades ago, Steven Goodwin started to explore the possibility of precisely timed music. Knowing that computers now allowed more programmatic control over sound than they did in 1962, when Ligeti’s wrote his piece, he set about writing algorithms to generate MIDI files which ultimately became Symphony 1 in C# minor.

This talk covers the methods of generating MIDI files algorithmically in JavaScript, using the ones from the Symphony 1 as examples, showing how you can turn an abstract idea into music. It also discusses the additional processes and work necessary to turn a core idea into a full album. Along the way Steven touches on copyright, music trivia, geeky tech stuff, and the philosophy of music that can never be performed by humans.

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