Best JavaScript Meetup Videos From October, 2021

This October was overloaded with the highest quality JavaScript meetup videos. To make things easier for you folks, we’ve once again decided to share our favorites, handpicked just for you.

The Modern DXP – How JAMstack will change the world of JavaScript | Tim Benniks

Jump into what DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is and how JAMstack is changing the game for developers. From Tim Benniks, who worked with big names like Nike, Chanel, Google, EA and many many more!

Anonymous Video Calling App Using Machine Learning and JavaScript | Ben Butterworth

Find out how anonymous video calls allow you to communicate with someone using your facial expression and animation, without revealing your real identity, physical background or other sensitive information by Ben Butterworth.

Heavily Connected Data Applications | Daniel Olavio Ferreira

Dive into how complex it can get when having to deal with SQL table relations meanwhile finding out more about some mainstream ORMs (e.g. TypeORN & Sequelize). In addition, by using a simple yet powerful schema syntax, Daniel compares them to Prisma.

Double Up Your Component & Integration Tests With Supertest & Nock | Lewis Prescott

Craving to understand how you can build component and integration tests with only one set of scripts? With the help of mocking and the tool Nock! Lewis Prescott shows you the way.

Simplifying Web Accessibility | Meg Shulmister

Meg Shulmister tells you all the details about how you can easily incorporate accessibility-focused design into your work as a JavaScript developer.

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