Kubernetes: best videos from September, 2021

Let’s get down to Kubernetes and check out the most outstanding videos in September. Lessons learned, benefits unfolded and best practices were revealed last month.

Modernizing a legacy app using Windows Containers and Kubernetes: Challenges and Lessons learned

The main purpose of modernizing the hosting was to scale down maintenance efforts and costs. The speaker will take you through the hosting options, solution implementation, experienced challenges and more.

Benefits of switching to Civo – Keptn case study

You can obtain how Keptn utilizes Civo’s simplicity and speed from Juergen and how it benefits them in their day-to-day cloud native development.

Security 101 – Best Practices

Get an overview of Kubernetes’ working while learning a few practices on how to secure your cluster when deploying a new cluster. This video covers everything you need from A-Z.

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