Metaverse Mania: Tech Talks in October 2022

We’ve brought you the first ever roundup about the Metaverse…yay! These talks are definitely worthy of your attention if your goal is to obtain as much knowledge as you can about the Metaverse. We will touch topics like sport creation, monetization, meta quest store and much more. Enjoy!

The Metaverse is Here to Stay – What does that Mean? | Kristin Tam & Carly Evans & Adesuwa Ehioghae

The Metaverse is a network of interconnected experiences and applications, devices and products, tools and infrastructure that will soon impact every industry all over the world. Accenture is poised to lead in this field, whether it be consumer or employee experience, as they have utilized their time wisely to prepare for what is coming and they have moved quickly to be best positioned to leverage that future. They are looking forward to sharing how they view this journey, where they believe it’s going, talk about open questions, and how they engage their people teams to understand and learn more about the Metaverse.

Building Bridges to the Metaverse | Andy Shanton & Alex Hopmann

UGC creation platforms Crayta and Meta Horizon Worlds will soon be connected in ways that will demonstrate the potential of a metaverse of experiences with shared values. Leads from both teams will discuss this journey and show how it’s possible for two products on different platforms to connect meaningfully and add value without compromising either of them.

Creating a Sport for the Metaverse | Max Weisel

The ball is in your court! Hear from Max Weisel, founder of Normal, as he breaks down his latest VR esport title: Nock. An archery game that’s designed to be a sport of the metaverse. Learn about his early iterations on building the next VR esport and the behind-the-scenes prototypes it took to get to release on the Meta Quest Store. Max will share how he and his team foster a community of players to grow their thriving community. You’ll also get a peek at what’s next as they expand the game into a professional sport.

Meta Quest Store & Monetization | Drew Venegas & Yuriy Zhovtobryukh & Andrea Russell

In this session, you’ll learn about how you can use the Meta Quest Store to monetize with subscriptions and in-app purchases. We’ll review subscriptions best practices, showing platform toolkits to drive user acquisition and reduce churn. We’ll also cover sales and pricing bundles and what’s coming next on our roadmap.

Embracing a New Identity: Integrating Meta Avatars in Already Established Product | Jolyon Webb

This session explains the thinking and problem solving that allowed the UGC game platform Crayta, to welcome Meta Avatars into its ecosystem. Takeaways include insights into how another platform thinks about avatar appeal, and examples of technical problem solving to allow a user’s avatar to travel between platforms.

Building for the Metaverse on the Web | Jacob Rossi & Josh Sach & Karim Toubba

Learn about new and improved ways for web developers to build for the metaverse. We’ll share what’s new for Meta Quest Browser and cover new tools and capabilities for PWA developers. Plus some of the latest apps coming to the Store. We’ll share how we’re bringing Mixed Reality capabilities to WebXR. Finally, we’ll reveal Meta’s first-ever immersive VR experience for the web and how developers can learn from our experience.

A Metaverse Beyond Gaming | Kevin Chan & Alex Swartsel & Sara Lisa Vogl

Immersive technologies are increasingly enabling new opportunities for schools and organizations to serve their communities and their mission. Learn how AR and VR are changing practices in education, job skilling, building communities, and taking on global challenges.

Building Virtual Objects in Meta Spark Studio | Lucia Tahan & Rodrigo Castiel

What are virtual objects (VOs) and what role do they play in augmented reality? Learn more about what they are and how to create them in Meta Spark Studio.

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