Microservices meetups were all over the place in April 2022

A new roundup for you folks: let’s see what the four most crowd-pleasing meetups were last month. Deep dive into implementation, fundamentals, enterprise microservices and many more topics!

Implementing Event-Driven Microservices architecture in Functional lang | Nikhil Barthwal

Web services are typically stateless entities that need to operate at scale at large. Functional paradigm can be used to model these web services and offer several benefits like scalability, productivity, and correctness. This talk describes how to implement Event-Driven Microservices in functional programming languages with examples in F#.

Fundamentals of Microservices | Michael Kingston

Get an introduction to microservices that will give you a working understanding of hybrid architectures, containers and Kubernetes, Ingress controllers and much more.

Start a Microservice by Building a Simple Node.js App |Coding Tech

What are microservices? Why and when to use them? How to build them with Node.js? In this video, Ashley provides answers to all these questions, and more. Ashley Davis is a software developer, entrepreneur, stock trader, and the author of Manning’s Data Wrangling with JavaScript.

Building Enterprise Microservices using Ocelot and Azure | Patrick Zhao

In his talk, Patrick will show you how he architected an enterprise solution with cloud native services on Azure and by using Ocelot. He will walk through Ocelot in-depth and show the in-and-out of building an API gateway and protect the services using VNet.

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