Node.js videos you must see from September, 2021

Is Node.js your thing? Then don’t miss out on this September’s most popular videos from topics including security, Prisma, APM and all you can imagine. It’s a good day to learn something you never thought of…until now!

Build a Zero Knowledge backend with Node.js | Matthias Dugué

Master Zero Knowledge Architecture and build apps where all data can be stored and exchanged while remaining encrypted. Watch this video and learn how to secure your app’s design.

The Security Toolbox For Node | Milecia McGregor

Uncover the top 10 attacks on Node applications, learn how to prevent and prepare in time with multiple tools across many different back-end architectures.

Abusing Hidden Properties to Attack the Node.js Ecosystem

HPA attacks can cause serious security threats. This video answers all your questions regarding the vulnerabilities of popular Node.js programs and demonstrates several security implications.

Rapid and type-safe development with Prisma | Daniel Norman

Discover how Prisma works and enables a rapid and type-safe development and at the same time addressing usual problems in data-centric apps.

The gentle touch of APM – how code tracing works in Node.js | Emanuil Tolevs

Catch up on how Elastic APM works, how its Node.js agent hooks deep into web apps – how web frameworks make it possible for us to perform tracing more smoothly than you might think.

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