Top 5 NodeJS meetup videos in 2020

Now that we’ve left 2020 behind, it’s about time to summarize what happened to NodeJS last year. Our top 5 meetup videos from last year will keep you up to speed.

Building a NodeJS registry with React | Juan Picado

In less than 10 minutes, Juan will show you how they have built a NodeJS registry with React.

Bringing Machine Learning and Linear Algebra to NodeJS | Ping Yu & Sandeep Gupta

No Python required – this session will highlight unique opportunities by bringing machine learning and linear algebra to Node.js with TensorFlow.js. Nick will highlight how you can get started using pre-trained models, train your own models, and run TensorFlow.js in various Node.js environments (server, IoT).

State of NodeJS core | Ludovic Gasc

Node.js is now over a decade old. With Node.js 12 just entering into long-term support, and Node.js 13 being released, let us take a look at the new features, breaking changes, and what is next. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser.

Corporate users of Node.js software include Groupon, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, PayPal, SAP, Walmart, and Yahoo!.

Building a Messenger Bot with NodeJS | Scott Arnold

Scott Arnold walks you through how to build a natural language-enabled Bot for Messenger using and Glitch. Learn how to train your bot to parse utterances in, how to build a Facebook Page and app for the bot to live on, and how to use Glitch and Node.js to link them together.

NodeJS 15: New features & APIs | James Snell

And, you’ve made it to the last one – congrats! This video from December, 2020 by James Snell will show you the latest features and APIs of NodeJS 15.

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