Mainstream Python Videos From November, 2021

This November was overloaded with the highest quality Python related meetups. Check out what the most sought after videos were and pick your favourite!

Simple, Open, Music Recommendations | Sam Thursfield

How can you create a simple open source tool that competes with the music recommendations of Spotify? Can the open source world stay relevant when music listening has become dependent on commercial streaming services? How will it keep up with the expectations of users when it comes to recommendations? Find out from Sam Thursfield.

Introduction to Python for Automating Business & Financial Processes with Liberty Mutual | Kate Ferguson

Dig into the foundations of how to identify opportunities to automate manual, repetitive processes and also, how to actually automate them using basic Python. Let Kate guide you through her work with finance and business partners and how she could identify potential automation challenges and possibilities.

Implementing C++ Semantics in Python | Tamir Bahar

Do you often find yourself reaching out for C++ features and techniques, just like Tamir? What if we tell you that we can bring C++’s destructors into Python? Crazy, right? Be introduced to a library that does exactly what you wish for. We will bring destructors and function overloading, member access specifiers, and many more features into Python.

Domain Driven Design Patterns in Python | Robert Smallshire

Craving to understand Domain-Driven Design? Robert Smallshire tells you how to organize and minimize the essential complexity of your software in Python. Get introduced to the core tactical patterns of DDD and how they can be realised in idiomatic Python, while freeing the most valuable parts of your system.

Understanding the Power of Hash Tables | Karen Wong and Chethana Gopinath

Eager to understand the power of hash tables? Here, you will learn how to leverage them to solve your problems. Also covering the topic of what a hashtable is, how to use it correctly and for what purpose want to you use it for.

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