First-rate Python Meetups in September

The ace of meetups were definitely Python talks this September, so naturally we had to bring you the 5 leading videos. Get the knack of programming Python and become a pro with an ease with the help of experts from all over the world.

Probabilistic Python: An Introduction to Bayesian Modeling with PyM | Chris Fonnesbeck

Let’s take a deep dive into Bayesian Modeling. Bayesian statistical methods offer a powerful set of tools to tackle a wide variety of data science problems. In addition, the Bayesian approach generates results that are easy to interpret and automatically account for uncertainty in quantities that we wish to estimate and predict.

How to Make Your Projects More Elegant | Mabel Lee

Testing, linting, type hints, CI/CD are very common in large production projects especially in other languages like JavaScript and Java. However, they prove to be useful even for smaller projects that use Python. Mabel will show you how to use pytest, flake8, black, CI/CD and more to make your Python projects more elegant.
Mabel started her software engineering career as a full-stack engineer at ThoughtWorks using JavaScript. She is now in a machine learning team at Dyson that is developing CNN models for production on edge devices.

Create a Python BI Web Application with a Few Clicks | Huifang Yeo

How long does it take for one to code a BI analytics platform? Using atoti and ipywidget, we will see how we can create a small application that allows us to spin up an BI platform from a single CSV with just a few clicks. Learn more about multidimensional analysis through interactive visualizations and storytelling with atoti dashboards!
Huifang Yeo is a data evangelist with atoti who actively communicates with a growing community about various data analytics use cases. Prior to her current role at ActiveViam, she worked as a Senior Business Analyst and IT Project Manager in a financial institution.

Introducing More of the Python Standard Library | Simon Ward Jones

Python comes with many standard library packages included without any “pip install”! In this beginners tutorial we will go through a few of these with some interactive challenges during the session. Specifically we will dive into pathlib, datetime, collections, itertools and functools and how these can help you.

Creating a Testing Workbench for Computer Vision Projects | Darshita Chaturvedi

Computer Vision projects use libraries such as OpenCV, Matplotlib, etc. to display image or video streams to verify incremental work. However, these libraries are not suitable to display media because the output differs based on the end user’s operating system, package distribution system, etc. By contrast, browsers provide very superior and stable support for IO devices. Until now, it was not possible to utilize browsers to display media using Python (outside IPython like notebooks). In this talk, we will use an open-source full-stack web development framework for Python developers to achieve this objective.

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