Leading React & React Native tech talks in July 2022

React & React Native enthusiasts gather around! July had lots of interesting meetups for you to learn from. To make things easier, we’ve collected the best eight from hundreds of tech videos. Choose your favorite!

Content Modeling for React Developers | Harshil Agrawal

In today’s world, it’s no surprise that “Content is King”. It helps in telling a story and helping you reach out to more people. Most of the time, developers aren’t the ones managing this content. Hence, modeling content efficiently becomes crucial. Doing it well makes the content delivery process smooth for the team. But how does one go on with modeling content? What are the things that one should take care of? Harshil answered such questions in this talk, and shared his approach to content modeling as a React developer.

Using React Hooks and Capacitor to Access Native Mobile APIs | Thomas Vidas

Using React Hooks & Capacitor to Access Native Mobile APIs Using Capacitor, you can easily create native mobile iOS and Android applications using all of the React web tools you know and love. But how do we access the native APIs? With the @capacitor-community/react-hooks package, we can quickly and easily access native device APIs, like Camera, Filesystem, and Geolocation, using React Hooks!

Routing in React 18 and Beyond | Delba de Oliveira

In this talk, we’ll explore the past, present and future of routing in front-end applications and discuss how new features in React and Next.js can help us architect more performant and feature-rich applications.

5 Years of Building React Table | Tanner Linsley

Let’s dive into the history of React Table and discuss everything it’s taught Tanner (both successes and failures!) since he built the first component-based version 5 years ago. He’ll cover tons of sub-topics including, but not limited to: Headless UI, React Hooks, Advanced TypeScript, Branding & Naming-Things, Build Pipelines, Open Source Software, API Design, React/JavaScript performance and even Framework Agnostic Tooling.

Measuring and Improving React Native Performance | Alexandre Moureaux

The web has several tools to measure performance, but what about React Native devs? Have you ever added some optimization in your code (like a memo here and there) and wondered if it had a real impact on performance? Presenting a Flipper plugin to measure React Native performance, with a concrete case of how we used it to bring our app performance to the top quality.

Web3 for Mass Adoption with Starknet and React Native | Sean Han & Janek Rarht

Why do we need the blockchain? For the first time ever, blockchain allows people to own a piece of the digital asset on the internet. Digital ownership and sovereignty have unlocked new use cases that will enable people to create, trade, and earn value online with unprecedented scale. With StarkNet.js, you can now build scalable web3 mobile Apps that allow your users to participate in this new digital economy.

The Hidden Features from V8 to Boost Your React Native Apps | Kudo Chien

This talk would go through some V8 features like JIT, inspector, WebAssembly, and bytecode caching. These weapons will give developers more choices to develop good apps. Other than that, with Expo config plugins, V8 adoption in an Expo-managed project has never been easier.

Building Cross-Platform Apps with React Native + Next.js | Fernando Rojo

One of the main benefits of using React Native has been the ability to share non-UI code between web applications and mobile applications. In this talk, Fernando focused on how to properly set up a monorepo with shared code and React/React Native apps and how to build and deploy configurations for Expo, Vercel. He also covered architecture choices, authentication flows (same backend API but very different frontend), common problems, and some other issues.

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