React & React Native: Collection Of Mainstream Videos In October, 2021

React-based dev and meetup videos were in the mainstream this October. Here’s our personal selection of favourites, check it out!

Building Considerate React Component APIs with TypeScript | Daria Caraway

How can we use TypeScript in order to improve the readability of our component interfaces for our fellow team members? Find out from this video by Daria Caraway.

Code Splitting in React Native | Paweł Trysła

We could say that it’s difficult to split functionality in native mobile applications. Paweł Trysła uncovers the secrets of code splitting using the power of Webpack.

Creating a VoIP app in React Native – the beginner’s guide | Wojciech Kwiatek

Dig into the foundations of how to make a mobile be able to actually make a call. A walkthrough of what VoIP actually is, theories of WebRTC connections, ending with the CallKit of iOS vs Android way of handling calls.

Sub-second integration tests for your RN app & Bluetooth device | Lars Thorup

Wondering how you can create any applications for Bluetooth devices? Learn how to code loudspeakers, toothbrushes, dishwashers and many more by Lars Thorup who is introducing you to the technique of mock recording. 

Building Accessibility Hooks for React Native & Web | Sanket Sahu

You can obtain how Sanket Sahu and his team built a set of hooks that make it easy to build accessible React Native and Web components that complies with the WAI-ARIA standards.

“Show Me The Money” – Securely Accepting Payments| Thor Schaeff

Want to integrate payments with React Native? Learn how to provide a great developer experience that’s secure and optimized for mobile purchases from Thor Schaeff through Stripe’s React Native Library.

How to Build a Netflix Clone | Jeremy Hanna

Eager to learn how you can create a Netflix homepage yourself? Jeremy digs deep into successfully building it in a simple React.js running on Astra DB. This way, you can leverage a GraphQL API with paging and infinite scrolling.

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