Best React meetup videos in August, 2020

Here’s our personal selection of React-based dev and meetup videos from August.

First React App & Building a testing tool for websites

Here are two presentations from React Vancouver. First up: “First React App” by Hyesun An. She tells the story of making a full-stack React app during a pandemic. Then, Brad Arsenault talks about Kwola, a reinforcement learning based testing tool for websites.

React London event

During React London, Ruben Casas talked about microfrontends, followed by Talia Nassi’s presentation about setting up feature flags with React. And finally, Sam Larsen-Disney used React to replace PowerPoint with a more flexible tool.

Building a Card Game with React, TypeScript and Firebase

Firebase is the go-to for many developers when they need a quick storage or authentication solution for a personal project. Often, React is also their choice of frontend framework. If you’ve used them before, you know that Firebase + React can make for a powerful combination in getting your idea to production quickly. Joon Park recently built a version of Rummy 500 for two players to be able to play in real-time using that exact stack, but with the addition of TypeScript. We’ll go over a few reasons that make this trio such a great package, and some quick tips on building your own React + Firebase + TypeScript project.

Adding persistence to React Apps by leveraging serverless functions

Tell Firebase to Go Fly a Kite: Leveraging Serverless Functions to Add Persistence to your React App (or any app) on Netlify or Verce by Brett Haymaker.

Getting React apps on the web quickly

Getting your React app on the web quickly without having to setup testing, transpilers, or development servers by Giraldo Rosales.

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