React meetup video selection from July, 2020

Unfortunately, July was not exactly full of React-related meetup or dev videos. However, if you want to see the latest cool stuff, these two videos will be exactly what you’re looking for!

Pierre Slamich: What’s in my food?

In this talk, Pierre Slamich shows how Open Food Facts leverages open source technologies such as Perl, Python, TensorFlow, MongoDB, Java, Swift, React and Flutter as well as the great power of communities to open data of public interest for health & science, as well as unforeseen applications in your daily life.

Ria Carmin: Jamming with Gatsby and Sanity | José Muñoz: The future of React

Talk 1: “Jamming with Gatsby and Sanity” A demo of a JAM (JS, API, Markup) Stack with Gatsby static site generator and Sanity CMS. — Ria Carmin, UX Engineer @ EquitySim / Organizer @ ReactVancouver Talk 2: “The future of React” A look at the Suspense API in 2020. — José Muñoz, React Native Developer @

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