React meetup videos from April, 2021

Check out our hand-picked selection of April’s most interesting React meetup videos. This roundup covers topics like complex migration, improving React apps with Custom Hooks, making modern websites, using Firebase to create React apps, and learning more about web performance and core web vitals in React.

Complex migration | Jason Santos

In 2020, Rangle partnered with the Survey Monkey team to migrate a legacy codebase to React. Survey Monkey’s best-in-class digital products were being held back by fragmentation and complexity, which created a lot of rework and wasted effort for their engineering teams. Working together, we implemented a number of process and architecture changes that cut the complexity and improved workflows, letting our blended team deliver results with speed and consistently, even early in the engagement. These were not one-size-fits-all solutions, but solves that were unique and fitted to the needs of the engineering and product teams.

Improving your apps with Custom Hooks and React-Query | Zach Taylor 

Zach Taylor will be going over two things that have greatly helped me improve the quality of mycode: custom hooks and react-query.

Custom Hooks: One of the main reasons I, and many others, love React is that it allows us to organize markup into reusable pieces. Custom hooks allow us to do the same thing with application state. This might sound mysterious, but it’s not: custom hooks are just functions. And because they are just functions, they can do all the things functions can do. They are reusable, and they can help you maintain separation of concerns in your application.

React-Query: Application state can always be organized into two categories: UI state and server state. You’ve probably noticed the distinction because server state comes with several unique challenges. This is an awesome library that solves these challenges and will help you manage server state the right way. This is making your app much more performant and maintainable. And when you combine it with custom hooks, things get even better!

Making modern websites | Panel discussion

Join Alex Trost, Sadek Drobi, Erin Fox, James Q Quick and Nader Dabit about building modern websites in React!

Using Firebase to create a production React app | Kaylee Mchugh

In this session, we’ll cover what Firebase is and how you can use it to quickly set up new React projects. We’ll go over each of Firebase’s most useful tools at a high level . Also, we will show you how you can create a secure, scalable platform that can handle 1 user or millions of users without any large code changes.

Get to know: Web performance and core web vitals

Join Tamas Piros, Eric Portis, Cassidy Williams and Houssein Djirdeh. A great panel discussion to learn more about web performance and core web vitals in React! 

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