Best React meetup videos from December, 2020

React enthusiasts, gather around, this one’s for you! We’re back with December’s most relevant, most interesting React meetup videos, and good news – there’s quite a lot for you to choose from. As always, MeetupFeed has only selected quality meetup and dev videos for you to enjoy. 

Accessibility as a first class citizen | Sophie Au

All too often A11Y is only an afterthought and will be added to a project “when we have time” – i.e. never. Explore tools that you can use to develop more accessibly and hear about some of the quirks and limitations that React Native has.

Blitz JS – The fullstack React Framework | Brandon Bayer

The Fullstack React Framework Blitz is a hyper productive framework for building fullstack React apps. You’ll learn why I created Blitz, it’s advantages and disadvantages, how it makes you so productive, and for what cases you should consider using Blitz.

We are all Hemingway | Krasimir Tsonev

Did you know that the first novel ever written dates back in 1021? Its author is the Japanese noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu. Till then countless writers put their thoughts on paper and countless readers experienced their stories. People have been writing for decades and us,  software developers kind of ignored their craft. We write too! Not novels but software. Isn’t this still writing? Believe it or not, there is a lot in common between creating fiction and writing code. 

In this presentation you will see how close we are to giants like Hemingway and Stephen King. Can we get some of their wisdom and apply it to our daily job as engineers? Check out this talk and get some practical advice. By the end of this presentation, you’ll probably have become a slightly better React developer.

React View | Vojtech Miksu

So you built a component library. Congrats! I am sure it is awesome but did you put the same effort into its documentation? Component libraries tend to have giant APIs, dozens of components, hundreds of props and thousands of permutations. That is a lot of information to unpack.

We could make the documentation very long or… super interactive. We combined component previews, API documentation, props editing and code editing into a single seamless experience. You can quickly explore various settings of each component while watching the code write itself.

This talk will show you how to leverage common tools and concepts such as Prettier, babel and AST transformations to build the documentation that can literally work for you.

React accessibility | Jen Luker

Accessibility in React has been a hot topic in the last few years, but in this talk, we’ll be going beyond the basics. We’ll discuss what disability means beyond what you’ve heard before, and then use code examples to learn why semantic HTML is helpful, and when it’s just not enough. We’ll then look into tooling, and talk about how you can introduce accessibility testing into your teams and existing code. You’ll leave with the tools and knowledge to make a difference starting today.

Flipper: The React Native Devtool | Michel Weststrate

Are you a React Native developer? Have you always been longing for the rich ecosystem of developer tooling that exists for the web in e.g. Chrome and Firefox? Flipper is Facebooks internal, extensible mobile devtool platform, used by the mobile devs that work on the Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more apps.

Recently the React Native and Flipper team have been working hard to add first class support for React Native as well. This means that monitoring network traffic and performance, using the React Devtools, inspecting device and application logs or even debugging JavaScript can now can now be conveniently done using one coherent tool.

And best of all: Flipper is extensible, so let’s build our own plugin while at it!

TypeScript + React | Ben Ilegbodu

TypeScript is a JavaScript superset that compiles down to vanilla JavaScript and has become increasingly popular. Proponents proclaim that it eliminates entire classes of bugs that affect our applications. But what exactly are those bugs? Which ones are particular to building React components and applications? Is TypeScript worth the learning curve?

In this session geared towards devs with prior experience building React applications, let’s answer those questions. We’ll walk through the common bugs that infect our apps and learn how the use of strong types with TypeScript can help prevent them.

Real-time rendering of big data | Mustafa Abdul-Kader

Current presentations of real-time data limit our ability to act on the data immediately. The increased spread and collection of data grow an ever-increasing need to have better and more thoughtful analytics and monitoring of that data. This session will uncover ways of using and extending an organization’s data pipeline to handle performing real-time updates to the presentation layer

We’ll uncover how to design real-time communication systems between the server and client and embark on the journey of creating a real-time data dashboard with the necessary components to view events happening in real-time.

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