The best React meetup videos from November, 2020

Luckily, November’s been a productive month for React meetup videos. To save you precious time, we’ve spent long hours on picking all the best ones for you.

Fantastic Bugs and Where to Find Them | Iris Schaffer

Every bug is different: Some are lurking around for months, others appear suddenly after the upgrade of a dependency. Some are introduced by us, others by other teams or systems. Some are painfully obvious and affect all users, others only occur in edge (cases). And the ways of finding, and eventually, preventing them, are just as diverse: be it snapshot, unit, integration, end to end tests or automated visual tests, every kind comes with its challenges and opportunities. Testing UIs is hard, but in the end, only test automation can give us the confidence we need to move fast and refactor our code relentlessly. In this talk we are going to look at what kinds of bugs there are, which tests are most effective for catching which, and how we can implement them using modern front end technologies.

Why Paid UI Components Aren’t Evil | TJ Van Toll

Why Paid UI Components Aren’t Evil In this TJ Van Toll’s going to convince you that paid UI components will solve all your problems. He’ll draw on his experience working both on free and open source tools (jQuery, jQuery UI, NativeScript), as well as paid tools (Kendo UI, KendoReact), and discuss which type of tool makes sense depending on your team and needs.

GraphQL and React – Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together | Adron Hall

As a full-stack engineer with a bias towards the database…and a career spent working with and evangelizing database and distributed systems…why GraphQL? In this talk, Adron will share some of his personal journey with React, GraphQL, their respective communities, and his point-of-view on the future.

React Components and How To Style Them | Jemima Abu

A comparative analysis between four methods of styling React components from inline styling to Styled-Components. This talk is best suited to beginner developers.

Variable fonts – Chris King | Blitz JS Framework for React – Brandon Bayer

Talk 1: “Introduction to Variable Fonts” With Variable Fonts, the web is more dynamic than ever. This talk will include a brief history of fonts on the web and an intro to Variable Fonts.

Talk 2: “Blitz.js: The Rails-like Fullstack Framework for React” Blitz is a hyper productive framework for building fullstack React apps. Learn about it’s advantages and disadvantages, and how it makes you so productive.

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