Outstanding React meetups in January 2022

React was indeed in the spotlight last month, so we spared your time and collected the champions of meetup videos in January. Learn about how to debug a non-reproducible crash, dive into better performance, security and custom renderers. And the list goes on! Which one is your favorite?

Debugging a Non Reproducible Crash | Alexandre Moureaux

Debugging a Non Reproducible Crash POV: Your app has a crash affecting thousands of users, but for the life of you, you can’t reproduce it and have no idea what’s causing it. Hear the story of an epic struggle to vanquish a non reproducible bug and learn what to do (and what not).

Performance with React Dev Tools | Yanai Edri

All of us are familiar with the react dev tool – how to select a component and observe the state and the props – but this tool also has the profiler tab – so let’s dig in with Yanai Edri who has more than 16 years of experience in the field.

You thought your application is secure? Think again | Liran Tal

Modern frontend frameworks are well thought-of in their application security design and that’s great. However, there is still plenty of room for developers to make mistakes and use insecure APIs, vulnerable components, or generally do the wrong thing that turns user input into a Cross-site Scripting vulnerability (XSS). Liran Tal shows you how React applications get hacked in the real-world.

Using Mediapipe to Create Cross Platform Machine Learning Applications | Shivay Lamba

This talk gives an introduction about MediaPipe. This is an open source Machine Learning Solution that allows running machine learning models on low powered devices. Moreover, it helps integrating the models with mobile applications. It gives these creative professionals a lot of dynamic tools and utilizes Machine learning in a really easy way. This way, they can create powerful and intuitive applications without having much / no knowledge of machine learning beforehand. So we can see how MediaPipe can be integrated with React. Giving easy access to include machine learning use cases to build web applications with React.

The beauty and the beast: custom renderers | Nir Kaufman

Learn more about custom renderers in React from Nir Kaufman, who is in a long-time relationship with React as a developer, author, consultant, and trainer.

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