React & React Native Videos You Must See From November, 2021

And we’re back with November’s selection of React & React Native meetup videos! Have a look at what the MeetupFeed Community loved this month.

How to Use a GamePad in ReactJS | Daniel Bark

Discover this tutorial of Daniel Bark, guiding you through the usage of a GamePad within your React application. Learn how to render out all the buttons and their values. Try out different controlling styles of your app using a GamePad.

Local Notifications in React Native | Helena Ford

Exploit the full power of notifications to increase user engagement and user retention. Learn all about local and remote notifications and how to integrate them in a React Native application. Go above and beyond and elevate them to enhance overall UX.

How to iterate on your app faster with Expo | Jon Samp

How can you transfer your ideas into actual reality while running into complexities of configuration? Find out how you can communicate with your team properly to make it to the finish line? Find out from Jon Samp, who built Codecademy, which was featured on the Apple App Store, App of the day.

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